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Wag n wash cbd oil for dogs

Keeping your pets safe on Fourth of July with help from Wag N Wash

COLORADO SPRINGS– Loud noises can be triggering for your anxious pets and with Fourth of July fireworks booming in nearby neighborhoods and local parties becoming rowdy, our furry friends become frightened and on edge.

Here are a few tips to help calm our pets during our Fourth of July festivities according to Wag N Wash.

CBD Oil — When the firework show starts, CBD oil can help ease the anxiety and stress our pets are experiencing from the loud booms. These products are available for pets as edibles, oils or tinctures, and are a great treat to offer them as a distraction from all the noise. For CBD, it is always important to do your research on the product and choose reputable brands that are free of additives before giving them to your pup for the first time.

Anxiety Vests — Anxiety vests are another great way to curve an uneasy pet during the Fourth. These vests are designed to reduce stress and anxiety by applying gentle pressure around the pet’s body. Allowing our pets to wear these vests around the house this Fourth of July will help them feel safe during the confusion they feel from the unfamiliar noises.

Create Distractions — White noise machines and loud television programs are also key in helping drown out the holiday celebrations. Try to keep your pets in a confined room with these distractions as much as possible. A familiar bedroom with a yummy bone or chew toy and the TV turned up/music on will help block out the firework sounds.

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Honest Paws

Watching our pets age isn’t easy, and every dog owner knows the early signs – even if we have trouble admitting it.

Maybe Sparky doesn’t zoom around the living room like he used to, or Pepper lags behind on walks when she used to sprint ahead.

It’s easy to write these things off as normal, but as time moves on these signs can devolve into serious conditions that keep our beloved furbabies from doing the things they enjoy most.

But does it have to be that way? Do we have to watch our pups slow down and suffer as they get older?

According to Honest Paws, absolutely not.

Maximize Your Pet’s Longevity with Honest Paws CBD

Did you know most of the chronic diseases our pets suffer from can actually be prevented?

That’s right. The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” applies to our furry friends too, and that’s why Honest Paws works to give our pups the longest, happiest lives possible with the most exceptional CBD oil and treats.

Video: Three Things I Love and One Thing I Hate About Honest Paws

What You Really Need To Know About Honest Paws

Here’s the deal:

After the changes I’ve seen in my two dogs, I want every pet-owner to know about Honest Paws! Not only do my pups love the taste of Honest Paws products, but it’s done wonders for their overall health and energy.

From their easy-to-administer CBD oil drops to their scrumptious CBD-infused treats and peanut butter, Honest Paws is easily the #1 supplier of CBD for dogs – but more on that in a minute.

Is CBD Oil Safe and Effective for Pets?

That would be a resounding yes! In 2018, Cornell University conducted a controlled study observing the effects of two different doses of CBD (2 and 8 mg/kg) on dogs with osteoarthritis.

According to the results, CBD oil is extremely effective at mitigating pain in dogs suffering from the condition.

Not only that, but in addition to alleviating pain the study also revealed CBD causes no adverse side effects.

From the study: “Pharmacokinetics revealed an elimination half-life of 4.2 h at both doses and no observable side effects,” thus proving “2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with OA.”

Though osteoarthritis was the only illness observed in this particular study, the results provide irrefutable evidence that CBD is not only safe but also extremely beneficial for our pets.

Safer than NSAIDs

If your pet suffers from pain, chances are you treat your baby with pharmaceuticals prescribed by their veterinarian.

However, NSAIDs can be dangerous for your pets and aren’t always effective at relieving pain.

According to clinical veterinary research aggregate Frontier Veterinary Sciences, “Routine nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) treatments, though efficacious, may not provide adequate relief of pain due to osteoarthritis (OA).”

But that’s not all.

In addition to being potentially ineffective, NSAIDs can cause serious, sometimes even life-altering symptoms, including vomiting, stomach ulcers, and liver and kidney toxicity.

While NSAIDs are necessary for sudden and severe illnesses, they’re often used for ailments that can be treated at home safely and free of side-effects with CBD for pets.

How Does CBD Work For My Pet?

Did you know our bodies have a system comprised of receptors that interact exclusively with cannabinoids like CBD?

That’s right! It’s called the endocannabinoid system, and it’s something we actually share with our furry friends.

These receptors run throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems where they help regulate many different bodily functions including sleep, immune response, and pain.

For instance, when you give your pup Honest Paws full spectrum CBD oil, the CBD molecules bind to receptors in his brain all the way down to his extremities where they relax firing cells and help the endocannabinoid system regulate more efficiently.

As a result, CBD not only relieves your pup’s pain and anxiety but also keeps him balanced, energized, and feeling his absolute best.

What Types Of Problems Can CBD Pet Products Help?

Depending on your dog’s breed, he might be prone to ailments you can actually prevent or in the very least treat with Honest Paws to give him the longest, most comfortable life possible.

Some of these ailments include:

  • Hip dysplasia, common in larger dogs
  • Degenerative disc disease, often seen in smaller, long-bodied dogs
  • Osteoarthritis pain, stiffness, and soreness
  • Anxiety
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Pain and inflammation due to injuries
  • Gastrointestinal issues and nausea from grain and food allergies or, let’s face it, somehow managing to eat something they shouldn’t

Which Honest Paws Products Are Right For My Pet?

Whether you’re looking for a supplement to help relieve pain, inflammation, or anxiety or you simply want to treat your companion to the daily health benefits of CBD, Honest Paws has a product you and your pet will love.

Keep Stress Levels Down With Calming CBD Dog Treats

Does your dog shake and tremble during thunderstorms? Or whine like crazy when you leave the house – even just to check the mail?

If your pup’s anxiety gets the best of him during tense situations (and let’s be real – it happens to the best of us), Honest Paws’ Calming CBD Dog Treats are just what he needs.

These delectable, roasted peanut butter treats are made with 100% pure full spectrum CBD and non-GMO, all-natural ingredients like eggs and malted barley to ease his stress while offering him essential nutrients.

I started giving my anxious retriever one of these before visits to the vet and couldn’t believe the difference it made. Instead of army-crawling across the waiting room with his tail tucked between his legs, he trots in and plops himself down cool as a cucumber. I can’t recommend these treats enough!

Pure Solutions Full Spectrum CBD For Dogs Of Every Size

If you’re searching for the best CBD for your pup, look no further than Honest Paws’ full spectrum tincture.

This fast-acting, highly absorbable CBD oil is extracted straight from Colorado’s finest sun-grown hemp and comes in three different concentrations formulated specifically for small, medium, and large dogs.

While Pure Solutions Level 2 and Level 3 are perfect for medium and large dogs with 250 mg and 500 mg of CBD respectively, Level 1 for small dogs is Honest Paws’ most popular tincture.

Developed for dogs that weigh up to 25 lbs, this 125 mg oil offers a substantial 4 mg of cannabidiol per serving to ensure your best friend feels amazing every day.

And don’t worry about getting him to take it! These oils are subtle in flavor and can be placed directly on your pet’s tongue or added to food and treats for lightning-fast relief, making them a go-to for problems like anxiety, nausea, or acute to severe pain.

No Harmful Additives

Just like their other products, Honest Paws’ full spectrum oils are made from the highest quality hemp and third-party lab-tested with results right on their website so you know your furbaby is getting everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t (like icky pesticides and preservatives).

Lab Test Results Look Great

Give Your Dog A Pep In His Step With Joint Support Soft Chews

Getting older doesn’t have to be so ruff! As our beloved pets age, they often lose their energy and have difficulty doing the things they love due to achy joints and osteoarthritis.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Honest Paws’ Joint Support Soft Chews help to turn back the clock with ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin that are specifically designed to improve mobility, support joints, reduce pain, and fight inflammation.

These poultry-flavored soft chews are perfect for small to large dogs with each chew containing 2 mg of full spectrum CBD oil formulated for consistent, long-lasting absorption.

Increase your dog’s mobility without the dangerous side effects of prescription pain meds? Yes please.

Plus they taste better, which is really all your dog cares about.

Click On The Link And Learn Which Honest Paws Products Are Right For Your Pet

Honest Paws Calming Soft Chews Are Perfect For Older Dogs

For all dog sizes and especially for smaller, younger, or elderly dogs, Honest Paws has a calming soft chew!

In addition to full spectrum CBD, these easy-to-consume soft chews include calming ingredients of L-Theanine and Tryptophan in a special, proprietary blend that relaxes even the most anxious dogs in a matter of minutes.

Get Your Dog’s Tail Wagging With CBD-Infused Peanut Butter

What dog doesn’t like peanut butter? At this point, my dogs come running when they hear me twist the lid off the jar. So what better way to give your dogs the healthy supplement of CBD than with Honest Paws’ CBD-Infused Peanut Butter.

This smooth and creamy human-grade peanut butter comes packed with 100 percent full spectrum CBD to give your dog an array of amazing health benefits while treating him to his favorite snack.

Give it to your pup on a spoon or pair it with the Honest Paws Wag N’ Wash to keep him preoccupied at bath time!

Bottom Line:

Honest Paws products are made of the highest quality hemp, undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure purity, and include scrumptious ingredients to give your dog treats that taste great AND do wonders for their health.

If you want the best for your furbaby (and we know you do), look no further than Honest Paws CBD pet products.


  • Calming CBD Dog Treats – $24.95
  • Pure Solutions Full Spectrum CBD Oil Level 1 – $39.95
  • Joint Support Soft Chews – $33.96
  • Calming Soft Chews – $33.96
  • CBD-Infused Peanut Butter – $25.46
  • 100% full spectrum CBD
  • Sourced from Colorado-grown hemp
  • Third-party lab-tested for purity and potency
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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