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Sera Relief Miracle Gummies Satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the benefits of CBD with the delicious Sera Relief Miracle Gummies! Each CBD gummy contains natural ingredients and premium 125 people have already reviewed Sera Labs. Read about their experiences and share your own!

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies

Satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the benefits of CBD with the delicious Sera Relief Miracle Gummies! Each CBD gummy contains natural ingredients and premium quality CBD Hemp Extract in fruit flavors with no bitter aftertaste. These sweet CBD snacks are only for adults 18 years of age and older.

20MG per gummy – 30 gummies per jar


Miracle Gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the chemical compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. The two most well-known types of cannabinoids include CBD, which doesn’t provide psychoactive effects, and THC, which can make you feel “high.”

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies can help you satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the health benefits of CBD. With our delicious Sera Relief Miracle Gummies, users can enjoy the benefits of CBD. The presence of multiple cannabinoids creates an entourage effect, in which the benefits of multiple cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes positively influence the body by connecting to different receptors.

Choosing the Best CBD Edibles

You’ve decided to try CBD gummies, but how can you make sure you’re buying the best CBD gummies on the market today? Start by deciding what type of experience you want to get out of CBD edibles.

If you just want to experience the wellness benefits of CBD, a CBD-dominant edible made from hemp or cannabis might be your best option. Pure CBD products won’t get you high, but you’ll be able to enjoy the health benefits of CBD oil.

Although pure CBD products are widely available online and at retail ends, the purity and quality of these products aren’t guaranteed. Because CBD products aren’t regulated at the federal level by the United States FDA, pay attention to the manufacturing of the product, purity, potency, percent THC, and the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

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Whether you’re looking to support normal healthy inflammatory levels or enjoy some relaxation, CBD edibles are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD. From long-lasting relief to a wide range of flavors, edibles have numerous advantages over other CBD products.

Sera Labs Reviews

Will take your money without a problem but not offer a refund even if you send unopened product back with RMA number. Would NEVER recommend this company, nothing short of being criminals.

Date of experience : July 25, 2022

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Love the Sleep A.S.A.P strips!

Thank you for the Sleep A.S.A.P. Strips! For the last 2 years I’ve barely gotten any sleep due to racing thoughts all night. I have tried melatonin, and the pills my doctor recommended caused me to sleepwalk. For whatever reason, these strips work. I take them 2 times a week and really feel like myself again.

Date of experience : February 22, 2022

If it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman it’s good enough for me!

I bought the Radiant Glow Facial Oil with CBD when I saw a post on Nicole Kidman’s facebook and I bought it during their winter sale. I am hesistant to use oils because they can be greasy – this one just feels lovely. It made my skin feel very hydrated and dewy (what Nicole says in her video), and I use it whenever I think my skin just needs a little something during a cold day or before a night out. The only downside is that the cap to the dropper was difficult to open at first – I had to ask my husband to do it, but now it opens fine.

Date of experience : February 23, 2022

Scam Company.

I was excited to try these face products, but I broke out in little bumps all over my face. I wrote the company to mail back the products for a refund. NO reply!! This company is a scam. They Do NOT care about their clients at all.
Really sad that Nicole Kidman is the face of these products. She should have dug a little deeper and she would have figured out they were awful.
Do NOT buy from these people.

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Date of experience : September 10, 2021


Worst company ever… They’ve just stolen $105 from me. As per previous request, I sent the product back and was received on April 30. No sign of any refund. Even though they told me to return product for a full refund & a RMA was issued. About 15 phone call and at least 8 “escalations” and still nothing. Next step is to file a complaint with BBB.


Date of experience : June 10, 2021

I have had Fibromyalgia for seven years…

I have had Fibromyalgia for seven years and experience severe, daily pain. I have tried other CBD products without any relieve, but after trying the CBD gummies I feel less pain. My mother-in-law just got over Covid-19 and the only thing that helped the horrible body aches were these gummies. It’s a great product and I will tell others who will benefit from them.
I am very pleased with my purchase.

Date of experience : May 17, 2021

Attempted to purchase face serum

Purchased face serum, received confirmation for entirely different product. Called. “Sr. Specialist” had no clue what the product was for as it was not on the website. Attempted to order correct product from her. Was quoted one price, charged for another. Attempted to purchase 2 products at the same time to save on shipping, was told that was not possible. Terrible experience. Will never order from you again.

Date of experience : April 19, 2021

How to Use Instructions Are Confusing

Reading through your product literature is confusing —
On the one hand, you caution not to use lotions, sprays etc.. with your basic facial products and then two lines later the instructions say “apply, allow to dry before applying other moisturizers” or something to that effect —

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Leaves the reader unable to figure out how to work the product into an existing routine —

Date of experience : April 18, 2021

The agent was helpful to fix my mistake…

The agent was helpful to fix my mistake of accidently doubling the amount and not hitting the right product that I wanted but I realized my mistake afterIi hit the purchase button and I could not go back and fix it myself.. THE AGENT was so polite that I was glad to do business with your company she kept saying “Sorry for your inconvenience”. If the product helps I will be doing future business.

Date of experience : April 12, 2021

The service for this product is AWFUl!

The service for this product is horrible. I have been overcharged and then I was treated as if I was trying to scam you guys. All I wanted to do was get it reversed you said it’s already been sent out there’s nothing you could do. I have a receipt that shows one price you guys charge me a different one. It’s awful I’m never ordering from you again.

Date of experience : March 23, 2021

Reply from Sera Labs

Hi Karen- We apologize for the confusion, however, we don’t allow for stacking of coupons on our website and you tried to use three coupons. The backend will only support a single coupon. A glitch on the website allowed the entry of the three coupons, but the backend only accepted one. The glitch on our website has since been fixed. Thank you.

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