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Phone number for cbd oil

Phone number for cbd oil

We pride ourselves on the purity and potency of our CBD

We are a wellness and self-care brand rooted in the cannabis industry, not a wellness and self-care brand riding the CBD wave. Our founders have a deep understanding of the industry and have played a vital role in moving the cannabis conversation forward.

We source our CBD from industrial hemp grown in Colorado at a farm using organic and sustainable farming practices. The soil is certified USDA organic. To ensure the highest quality, plants are regularly tested for purity and potency throughout the growth period.

Our extraction process is a proprietary CO2 where pressurized carbon dioxide pulls out only the desired phytonutrient from the plant.

Ananda Hemp is Now Ananda Professional

The exact same products that you know and trust from Ananda Hemp are available through Ananda Professional.

Plus, there are many more exciting benefits for our customers:

Vanilla Orange and Original Flavor CBD Oil Tinctures

THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures

30ct. and 60ct. CBD Softgels in Full Spectrum or THC-Free

Full Spectrum CBD topicals for on-the-spot relief and rejuvenation

Delicious Broad Spectrum CBD gummies

THC-Free CBD Oil for dogs and cats

Hemp-Extracted Infused socks giving long-lasting relief for diabetic neuropathy

Our premium and unique line of Full Spectrum CBD & Botanical infused formulas for Women

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Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, Ananda Professional products are not intended to treat or cure medical conditions. Information on this site is educational only and not to be used to diagnose conditions, please consult a licensed medical professional with any health or condition related questions.


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