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Medical marijuana dispensary in north hollywood for cbd oil

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At the Artist Tree, we curate cannabis products, art installations, and community events that celebrate exploration and creativity. It’s a (safe) gathering space designed for locals, visitors, enthusiasts, and newbies to explore art and culture through the lens of cannabis.

the west hollywood flagship


Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a contemporary artist challenging the idea of excessive consumerism directed at women to manipulate their true sense of value. Her work destroys society’s ideas of this fake reality and creates a brand new portrait of strong feminine culture. Using different techniques, her work celebrates unity and empowerment, feminism, social, and environmental justice, and messages that inspire love and hope.

Tommy Chong Meet And Greet At The Artist Tree West Hollywood Dispensary

The Artist Tree West Hollywood Dispensary had the honor of hosting half of the legendary dynamic stoner duo – Tommy Chong! After having Cheech Marin on October 15th, hosting .

Brand Highlight: Biskante

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you probably already know the name Alien Labs. Alien Labs was founded in 2015 by a second-generation farmer Ted Lidie. Ted Lidie, based out .

Brand Highlight: Backpack Boyz

Backpack Boyz had a meteoric rise to success. Since their founding in 2017, Backpack Boyz has been a go-to source for next-level, drool worthy cannabis as well as original .

dispensary locations

Discover a new cannabis experience

There are currently four Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary locations. Our flagship dispensary in West Hollywood is the largest marijuana dispensary and delivery service in West Hollywood. Our Beverly Hills dispensary is located near the Beverly Center and Robertson Blvd. The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary Los Angeles is centrally located in Koreatown near Downtown Los Angeles. The Artist Tree Riverside Dispensary is located in Highgrove. We invite you to visit one of our beautiful locations and shop our massive selection of premium cannabis flower, concentrates, CBD products, edibles, clones and cultivation supplies.

Connecting our community
through art, exploration, and
cannabis conversation.

The Artist Tree is a cannabis dispensary, weed delivery, hospitality and retail group that provides unique experiences for cannabis enjoyment in West Hollywood and throughout Southern California.

By fusing art with cannabis culture, we’re defining a new standard for art, learning, shopping, events and on-site enjoyment.

There are currently 3 Artist Tree retail locations open in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), Los Angeles (Koreatown) and West Hollywood. Our smoking lounge and restaurant will be opening in West Hollywood in Fall 2021.

In addition, more Artist Tree dispensary and delivery locations will be opening throughout California in 2021 and 2022.

With 3 locations in LA county, The Artist Tree offers conveniently located dispensaries providing easy access to our unique cannabis boutiques. No matter where you are in Southern California there is most likely an Artist Tree Dispensary near you.

We currently have dispensaries open in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. There are new Artist Tree stores coming soon in Oxnard, Riverside, Corona, El Sobrante and more. Check our location page for details around store openings and more.

The Artist Tree delivers immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind destinations for cannabis throughout Los Angeles county.

The Artist Tree is a state-licensed recreational marijuana dispensary and weed delivery. Our locations are easily accessible by pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit, and they are situated in prime locations in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles – Koreatown. We accept cash and debit card payments, and we offer ATMs on site. Recreational customers must be 21 or older to enter, and licensed patients with medical cards who are 18 or older are also welcome.

Our stores provide a one of a kind cannabis dispensary experience that combines art, community and top of the line cannabis products.

All visitors who wish to view our products must be 21 or older for adult use sales or 18 or older with valid medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) or doctor’s recommendation. We verify photo identification and medical status at the door.

Only adults of legal age are allowed to enter a store that sells recreational cannabis in California. This means that you must be able to prove that you’re 21 years old or older or 18 with valid medical documentation, so bring your identification card or driver’s license. Without a valid ID, you won’t be allowed to go enter our cannabis stores or buy anything on the shelves. Being 21 doesn’t mean that you can smoke weed anywhere in the county. California state laws limit marijuana usage to private residences, and some apartment buildings may also be smoke- and vape-free as part of your lease terms. Sadly, that also means that you’re not allowed to smoke while strolling through a park or down the open hiking trails near you. While this might be a little inconvenient, we all have to do our part for fire safety, and there are good reasons for these restrictions to be in place. And, let’s not forget, there’s always cannabis edibles.

You’re legally not allowed to be inside a marijuana dispensary in California unless you are at least 21 years of age and able to produce a valid ID. However, there are exceptions. If you’re at least 18 years old, you can still visit our locations and buy cannabis as long as you can show a medical recommendation or MMIC. Young adults who suffer from health conditions that require symptom relief or athletes who need CBD-based products to aid their post-workout recovery can legally buy the cannabis that fits their needs and lifestyles.

Security within a dispensary is a very serious matter, so the moment you enter a cannabis store you will be asked to show a valid form of photo identification. If you don’t have an ID, you will be asked to leave. That being said, satisfying the ID requirement for entering a weed shop isn’t too difficult if you’re of legal age. If you’re from the US, we accept various forms of government issued identification, including drivers licenses and military identification cards. If you’re traveling from another country, we also accept passports.

The state of California and local cities place numerous taxes on legal cannabis. When you walk into The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery with locations in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) and West Hollywood, expect to pay the taxes outlined below in addition to the sticker price you see.

Here is a breakdown of current cannabis taxes

Recreational (adult-use) dispensary customers:

  • State excise tax for cannabis: 15%
  • State sales tax: 10.25% in West Hollywood and 9.5% in Los Angeles
  • City cannabis sales tax:
    • West Hollywood: 7.5%
    • Los Angeles: 10%

    Medical Patients:

    Patients with a medical marijuana ID card (MMIC) or doctor’s recommendation save on some of the taxes above. This is a little confusing. Here are the details:

    • All patients pay state excise tax (15%).
    • Patients with a MMIC do not pay state sales tax (9.5%-10.25%)
    • Patients with a doctor’s recommendation (but no MMIC) pay state sales tax (9.5%).
    • Depending on the city, medical patients may pay a reduced or no city cannabis sales tax
      • In West Hollywood, all medical patients pay NO city sales tax
      • In LA, all medical patients pay 5% cannabis tax instead of 10%

      Yes! Our West Hollywood dispensary has an interactive clone room, where visitors can view and interact with plants in various stages of growth.

      We sell teenagers, heartlets, seedlings, and feminized seeds from various nurseries. We also sell supplies for cultivation, such as the Dark Heart Easy Pot, nutrients, pots, and soil, which vary based on availability. A clone is a cutting, such as a branch, that is cut off of a living marijuana plant, which will then grow into a plant itself. A clone has the same genetic makeup as the plant it was taken from, which is called the mother plant. A typical clone is about 6 inches in length and after cutting it off the mother plant, the clone is put into a medium such as a root cube and given a hormone to encourage root growth. After roots develop, it is then transplanted into a pot or the ground, and it will grow like any weed plant.

      If you don’t want to mess with seeds, clones can be a great option for starting a marijuana plant. Growing weed from a clone will save you time—even though they need time to root out, you don’t have to germinate seeds, which will shave off a month or so of the growing process. Clones will also save space in your garden—with seeds, you have to grow many and sex them out to identify and get rid of the males. Also, usually some seeds don’t germinate. You’ll need extra space for all those seeds, and they might not even turn into full plants. If you take a clone from a plant you already have, they’re free! You just need to invest in some supplies. Although, you can buy clones from a dispensary if you want.

      One of the best things about clones is they are exact genetic replicas of the mother plant from which they were taken. If you have a particular marijuana plant you like, whether for its appearance, smell, effects, or something else, you can take clones of it and grow it again, ad infinitum.

      Yes…but not yet. Our current location at 8625 Santa Monica Blvd. is open for retail sales, but does not allow onsite consumption.

      Our upcoming West Hollywood restaurant and lounge locations will allow onsite smoking and edible consumption. The first is scheduled to open above our retail store in Fall 2021!

      A recreational dispensary customer can purchase 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of flower a day and up to 8 grams of concentrates and manufactured products (including edibles, oils, extracts and other products) a day.

      A medical patient can purchase up to 8 ounces of cannabis flower per day

      The Artist Tree marijuana dispensary currently accepts payment via debit card and cash. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept credit cards due to federal restrictions on cannabis banking.

      Many patients and customers new to buying legal cannabis naturally assume that marijuana dispensaries accept credit and debit cards like any other business. Unfortunately, as most experienced cannabis consumers know, cash is king at the dispensary. This is because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, and most banks need to comply with federal law and regulations. While there are a few workarounds if banks are willing to jump through flaming hoops, providing credit and debit card services remain out of reach for most dispensaries. While this ridiculous situation of discordant marijuana payment solutions may be changing and hope is on the horizon, most marijuana dispensaries have strained relationships with banks and payment processors. They know that the bank or credit union may close their cannabis merchant account at a moment’s notice, sometimes without warning.

      Luckily for The Artist Tree customers, you can use your debit card. We also have an ATM on-site for your convenience.

      The Artist Tree’s mission is to provide safe access to legal cannabis, showcase artists from the community and break stereotypes surrounding cannabis sales and consumption. Each store features artists from the local community. You can find out more about our wide range of artists on our artist page.

      We also believe in giving back to our community. We have worked with Feeding America, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and many other nonprofits,donating over 7000 meals. We are a dispensary that cares and gives back. Next time you are at one of our three locations in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles ask one of our Guides what community programs we are currently working on and how you can get involved.

      Our weed delivery service gives you access to our curated selection of cannabis products from
      the comfort of your home. We currently deliver within 8 miles of the West Hollywood Flagship dispensary.

      Ordering cannabis delivery is simple. Visit our online menu, make an account, and place your order. Once you have uploaded your ID through our online system, you will receive an order confirmation via text, and you just have to wait for your cannabis products to arrive.

      The prices for cannabis flower and other products vary by location, quantity and product.

      At The Artist Tree Dispensary and Weed Delivery, you can purchase a gram of flower starting at $18 and an eighth of flower starting at $25.

      We also carry a range of concentrates, edibles, vapes, CBD products, pre-rolls, THC-infused beverages, topicals, pet products, accessories and other products. Prices vary.

      California state law prohibits cannabis smoking in public and in publicly owned buildings or land. You are legally allowed to smoke on private property (subject to any rules or restrictions set forth by your landlord).

      In addition, you can smoke at licensed cannabis consumption lounges, such as The Artist Tree’s upcoming restaurant and lounge. Our restaurant and lounge is scheduled to open in late 2021.

      Currently, onsite consumption is not allowed at the Artist Tree retail store.

      The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary & Weed Delivery West Hollywood

      8625 Santa Monica Blvd.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

      The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary and Weed Delivery Beverly Hills

      8311 Beverly Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90048

      The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary & Weed Delivery Los Angeles

      520 S. Western Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90020

      The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary & Weed Delivery Riverside

      240 Iowa Ave.
      Riverside, CA 92507


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      Medical marijuana dispensary in north hollywood for cbd oil

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      Walked in and met Mary Carmen, she was super helpful and was able to answer all of my questions. This place has a huge selection of products, was fast, and had great deals. I’ll be back!

      Walked in and met Mary Carmen, she was super helpful and was able to answer all of my questions. This place has a huge selection of products, was fast, and had great deals. I’ll be back!

      love this place! The staff is so sweet and i always get great deals on edibles

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      Back again to buy my meds at this cool place glad to bring my friend back again

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      Even though I no longer live in the North Hollywood area, I still come here. They’ve always got great deals, and top-notch products. I’ve never had a bad experience, and the staff has always been kind and informative. My most recent trip, Leah was super helpful and extremely sweet. You can tell she really goes above and beyond for the customer. High-ly recommend

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      Had a wonderful experience with Tyler he let us know every flowers effects and we had some good cannabis for vacation

      Hannah is so DOPE. And I mean the good shyt She even gave me cute matches. I mean where do they do that and the deals were freaking amazing. Easy in and out transaction. The selections were the top of the line and easy to choose from and again the customer service is all love. They have flowers, oils, ice cream from Matter P and are the ONLY shop with MASTER Ps Strain. Go there now and follow me @iamebonijoi for more travel goodies all over the world.

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      Alright other than the crazy weird parking lot lol this is my absolute FAVORITE dispensary! I been to a lot of them (no shame in my game) and they have the most diverse product types AND the most brands I’ve seen. Most dispensaries are just a little of this, a little of that or super shiny and well lit but as they say “Hey, where’s the beef?”
      I had a great shopping experience and got a bit of everything I needed for myself and my friends. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful from the security guard to the manager (Shout out to Tyler thank you so much)
      What else can I say except do yourself and favor and stop by this store!


      Hey Eagle Rock, let’s roll! We’re Velvet Cannabis, Los Angeles County’s friendliest local marijuana dispensary.

      At Velvet Cannabis, we believe in putting people and their unique vibes first. By delivering the best dispensary experience coupled with a wide range of premium cannabis products from the top producers in the state, Velvet delivers an unparalleled shopping experience for every guest. Our carefully curated inventory of marijuana products includes THC & terpene-rich cannabis flower, CBD oil, pre-rolled joints, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals. We’ve also got you on THC vape cartridges and all of your favorite weed strains.

      We’re a weed dispensary for everyone, at every budget. Visit us in-store today and ask about our specials and discounts.

      Our clean, comfortable dispensary is located at 1118 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041, west of Pasadena, and south of Eagle Rock Dog Park.