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Do you need a prescription for cbd oil in arkansas

Where to Buy CBD in Arkansas in 2022

If you’re looking to buy cannabinoid products in Arkansas, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws.

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the legal climate surrounding cannabis products has only gotten more confusing than ever.

Delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, HHC, THC-O, THCV? Which of these products are legal? What do they do?

We answer all these questions and more for the fine folks of Arkansas.

3. Most Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Legal | Δ8, Δ9, and Δ10 Illegal | Marijuana Medical Use Only

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Is CBD Legal in Arkansas in 2022?

CBD can come in different forms. The first, as mentioned before, is derived from industrial hemp. Under the Agricultural Act of 2014, industrial hemp is a legal agricultural commodity.

You can also get CBD made from flowering marijuana plants; this generally contains THC, which causes the high associated with marijuana.

Industrial hemp CBD usually does not contain enough THC to get the user high. More people are turning to industrial hemp CBD as a health supplement to gain its benefits without the buzz.

However, the Arkansas Government is actively searching for ways to use industrial hemp. In 2017, it introduced Act 981 (also known as The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act), which permits universities, farmers, processors, and researchers to investigate new applications for hemp.

Some of the possible applications include food, clothing, fuel, paper, and plastic.

Act 981 also made it legal to purchase CBD in Arkansas as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for these products.

You are allowed to buy CBD with a higher THC content as well, but you will need to first apply for a medical marijuana license with a doctor’s recommendation.

There are many products available online to suit all of your CBD needs. The CBD industry is growing and continually changing, which can make it difficult to know which is the right product for you.

There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from misinformation and false claims about CBD. Read our guide below to make sure you get the best CBD available in Arkansas.

How to Buy CBD in Arkansas

New laws and regulations are continually introduced in the CBD industry. This can make purchasing CBD a little confusing, but there are a few things you can do to make your shopping experience straightforward and easy.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you do the following before committing to a purchase:

  1. Always make sure a third-party lab has tested your CBD products. Some companies are taking advantage of uninformed customers and selling items that contain little to no CBD. A third-party lab can tell you if your product contains the same amount of CBD as advertised.
  2. Some companies claim that their products will cure anything under the sun. If a company is making crazy statements about its products, it’s a good idea to avoid them. There are many benefits to CBD, but it’s not going to make miracles happen.

If you take the time to make an informed decision, you can save yourself a lot of cash by avoiding those companies selling fake products. Buying CBD in-store makes it difficult to double-check these factors before committing to a product.

Purchasing CBD online in Arkansas has never been easier or more convenient. You’re only a few clicks away from getting CBD sent straight to your door.

Online Shops

Generally, the most convenient way to buy CBD in the state of Arkansas is through a dependable online store. Purchasing online allows you to compare different products from the comfort of your home quickly. It’s also the safest way to buy since you can look for third-party tests and verify the quality.

Shopping online also allows you to quickly research the different types of CBD and ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Online stores usually have better deals than those found in-store — offering quality products for less money.

Remember, CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal to purchase without a doctor’s prescription. This means you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble for buying CBD online.

However, if you’d prefer to shop in person, you can visit one of your local vape retailers, head shops, or health stores.

Local Stores in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas has licensed dispensaries, but if there’s no dispensary near you, you may be able to find CBD in other places, including vape stores, head shops, or health supplement retail outlets.

Due to the cost of running a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, CBD products found in-store are generally more expensive than those found online. The selection is usually lacking, as well. You’ll generally have better luck shopping online.

Is Marijuana Legal in Arkansas in 2022?

Marijuana laws vary quite a bit from state to state.

As more people turn to marijuana as a medical treatment, and new research is published in the scientific community, the laws continue to change.

In Arkansas, possession of small amounts of marijuana can lead to jail time. If caught with a small amount (less than 4 ounces), you can face up to one year in prison and a fine of $2500.

If caught with more than 4 ounces, you might be spending the next six years in jail and receiving a $10,000 fine.

However, there is hope!

In 2016, Arkansas voters approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. The amendment made it possible for people to apply for a medical marijuana license if they suffer from one or more of the conditions listed below.

Eligible Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Arkansas:
  1. Cancer
  2. Glaucoma
  3. Positive status for HIV/AIDS
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  6. Tourette’s syndrome
  7. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  8. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  9. Severe arthritis
  10. Fibromyalgia
  11. Alzheimer’s disease
  12. Cachexia or wasting syndrome
  13. Peripheral neuropathy
  14. Intractable pain which is pain that has not responded to ordinary medications, treatment or surgical measures for more than six months
  15. Severe nausea
  16. Seizures including those related to epilepsy
  17. Severe muscle spasms including those specific for multiple sclerosis

To obtain a medical marijuana license, you must apply to the state, be a resident of Arkansas, and have written certification from a licensed doctor. The application fee is $50.

If you’re a member of the Arkansas National Guard & the United States Military, you aren’t authorized to obtain a medical marijuana card.

Once you have obtained a medical marijuana license, you may possess up to 2.5 ounces for personal use. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to grow marijuana at home if you live in Arkansas.

If you’re able to obtain a medical marijuana license, you can only consume marijuana on private property. Also, you can’t knowingly consume marijuana near anyone under the age of 18.

You can purchase medical marijuana at any of the state-licensed dispensaries.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Arkansas 2022?

Delta 8 THC is not legal in Arkansas.
This cannabinoid is a great alternative for those that need medical marijuana (or like it recreationally) but don’t have legal access to it. However, some states have banned it.
Because it’s an isomer of delta 9 THC, it’s similar in effects — the good and the bad. It can increase appetite, reduce or eliminate nausea and pain, and help people relax.

How to Buy Delta 8 THC in Arkansas

For now, this isn’t an option. But, if it ever is, head online first. Apply the rules that you use for CBD. Delta 8 can be dangerous if not produced correctly, so make sure you choose a reliable source.

The following companies have some of the best delta 8 nationwide, so check them out first.

Reviewing third-party tests and customer reviews will help you find the best.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arkansas? What You Need to Know

Disclaimer: All of the information in this guide is based on our own research into the topic. We have done our best to use accurate and up-to-date information from respected and credible resources. However, we cannot claim to be a legal authority, and none of the following information should be taken as legal advice.


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A Guide to CBD Oil in Arkansas

  • The Arkansas State Plant Board is responsible for hemp-farming oversight.
  • CBD is legal to purchase without a prescription provided it contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Any retailer can sell CBD, and you do not need a special license.
  • There is no oversight for CBD retailers.
  • Hemp sold in Arkansas must either be processed or come from out of state.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arkansas?

In 2018, the federal government passed a bill that distinguished marijuana from industrial hemp, effectively removing hemp and its derivatives from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s controlled-substances list.

Curious consumers instantly embraced the use of CBD as an alternative support, and companies selling the substance started popping up everywhere.

People all over the country are extolling the virtues of CBD, and it is a multibillion-dollar industry that keeps expanding. The Food and Drug Administration seems to have been unprepared for the overwhelming popularity of CBD, however, because the agency is still grappling with how it will impose and enforce regulation.

The FDA has not approved CBD for use as a supplement, food additive or curative treatment, but its efforts at enforcement are aimed at only the most profound offenders due to lack of organization and funding. The agency is currently focused on penalizing companies that make unfounded medical claims, aim their marketing toward minors and use unsafe manufacturing processes.

Due to the FDA’s lack of guidance on the subject of CBD, states are pretty much left to figure out which regulations make the most sense for their citizens regarding the sale and possession of CBD, and how they will enforce the regulations once they are in place.

While states’ rights comprise one of the most important features of the U.S. Constitution, it makes for a murky mess when it comes to CBD laws.

Are There CBD Laws in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the most liberal states regarding CBD sale and possession; however, there is one technical caveat to the sale of CBD in Arkansas. Growers are not allowed to sell their hemp directly to stores or consumers. Some people enjoy smoking unprocessed flower, but due to a mix-up in language that will likely not be fixed until 2021, all unprocessed hemp must come from out of state.

CBD with a concentration of more than 0.3 percent THC is regulated by the board overseeing the state medical-marijuana program, but no one oversees or regulates the sale of processed hemp-derived CBD.

Retailers do not need a license, there are no inspections or reporting requirements and anyone 18 or older can purchase and possess it without a prescription.

CBD in Arkansas: Understanding Different Types of CBD Products


CBD oil is most often taken sublingually (held under the tongue). This is the most bioavailable method of absorption. Some people like to use CBD oil in their food and beverage recipes for a boost to their day.

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CBD Capsules

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Penguin CBD capsules provide 10mg of CBD suspended in MCT oil for maximum absorption. They are easy to throw into your travel bag, and can help you get through the most stressful days.

CBD Capsules

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CBD Gummies

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CBD Cream

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CBD Cream

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Industrial Hemp in Arkansas

Arkansas actually began investigating the farming and processing of hemp and hemp products before the 2018 Farm Bill ever passed. The state has been interested in growing hemp for other uses such as textiles and biofuels since 2014. Growers and processors need a license to participate in the pilot program, and they report to the Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB).

Since the 2019 growing season, farmers have been growing hemp for use in CBD products. They follow guidelines set forth for ingestible hemp cultivation by the ASPB, and their crops are subject to regular inspection and testing. If there is any evidence of noncompliance, crops are at risk of being destroyed.

One of the issues with the state’s program is that some farms can fall through the cracks. Even though they are only allowed to sell their hemp to either state-certified or out-of-state processors, some farmers are blatantly disregarding regulations they do not agree with. Arkansas does not have the resources to enforce all regulations everywhere all the time, leaving a chasm in the state’s ability to control safety and quality.

In addition, some CBD companies cut corners and try to save money by purchasing hemp that is not safe for human consumption.

They may even purchase the hemp used in their CBD products from another country not subject to USDA oversight. Plants in those countries might be sprayed with harmful chemicals, planted in toxic soil and irrigated with polluted water.

Can I Purchase CBD Online in Arkansas?

Purchasing CBD

Because CBD sales are largely unregulated in Arkansas, you can buy CBD just about anywhere. Retailers do not need a special license to sell CBD, and consumers do not need a prescription.

You can find CBD for sale anywhere from the corner store to the farm store, but you need to be careful about what you buy because of the complete lack of oversight.

Even though it is legal to make your purchases at physical stores in Arkansas, you may be better off making your purchases online.

Doing your research about a product in the store can be a challenge, but when you order from the comfort of your own home, you have quick access to all the information you need in order to confirm that the brand offers the quality you deserve.

CBD Oil in Arkansas

State policies in Arkansas leave CBD consumers vulnerable to disreputable brands or subpar products that could be ineffective or even dangerous. Some companies are purposely deceptive about their products, and others are just negligent. Packaging can be mislabeled in regard to the amount of CBD or THC in your products, or a lack of testing can lead to chemical residue or heavy metal finding its way into your product.

When researching the companies you are considering for your CBD, the most important element to look for is transparency. Find companies that make the lab results (sometimes called a certificate of analysis) readily available and accessible for each product they make.

Customer reviews are another way to know if your company is worthy of your trust. A company that proudly displays its customer reviews is one that is not afraid to share what others think of its products.


At Penguin CBD, we are honored that you trust us with your health and well-being, and we make your satisfaction our top priority.

According to Merry Jane, we are the “#1 CBD oil brand right now,” and our customers seem to agree. We work tirelessly to make sure you only get the best CBD products on the market, and we stay meticulous and transparent throughout the entire process so you never have to worry about the quality of your CBD.

We start with organic hemp from our partner farms in Oregon and process it with the cleanest extraction method available.

Our highly accurate CO2 extraction method uses no solvents or additives, and the low temperatures allow for ultimate control over the finished product. In the end, we have every single batch of our CBD tested by an independent third-party lab to confirm that you are only getting our best.

Final Thoughts About CBD in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most lenient states when it comes to CBD. They offer a liberal hemp pilot program to encourage farmers to try the up-and-coming crop, and they allow just about anyone to sell CBD without the need to go through a licensing process.

Consumers have access to a wide variety of products. CBD is easy to find just about anywhere you go, and you do not need a prescription as long as your CBD is hemp-derived.

The lack of regulation opens the door to creative innovation and discovery, leaving space for the citizens of Arkansas to find what works for them. Unfortunately, it also creates space for disreputable or negligent companies to come in and take advantage of consumer enthusiasm. They may use hemp that has not been conscientiously cultivated, and they may be deceptive about the way they package their products.

When you’re looking for CBD you can be confident about purchasing, check out Penguin CBD’s website to see why our company is the No. 1 pick for so many. We only use the highest-quality ingredients, and we proudly share the lab results from every batch of our premier CBD formulas.

Our products are always made to keep you satisfied every day, and we’ve got the reviews to back it up.

CBD Oil in Arkansas – Is It Legal and Where to Buy in 2022?

In case you’ve been missing out on the last few years, the CBD oil industry is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness markets in the world.

People turn to CBD in order to deal with a variety of symptoms and health conditions, including anxiety, depression, seizures, inflammation, and pain.

As CBD becomes more recognized commercially, you must find a reliable and trustworthy source. As a general rule, it’s best to purchase your CBD products from a reputable online store.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Arkansas, it’s a good idea to do your research on the local cannabis laws and learn a bit about the history of cannabis in this state.

The CBD industry is still loosely regulated, and it can often be confusing when it comes to different forms of CBD and its legal status.

Depending on the source of your CBD, the laws can change, but what’s the current situation in Arkansas?

Does the state allow all forms of CBD or only those derived from hemp?

Let’s elaborate on that.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arkansas?

Again, it depends on which cannabis plant it comes from.

CBD can be extracted from hemp and marijuana, both of which fall under different regulations.

In this section, we explain the legal status of hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD products.

Legal Status of Marijuana-derived CBD in Arkansas

Marijuana laws vary from state to state, and as the herb is gaining more recognition as medicine and safe recreational substance, the laws continue to shift.

Unfortunately, Arkansas is one of those states where marijuana is treated in an old-school way. Possession of small amounts of marijuana is punishable with jail time — up to one year — and a fine of $2500.

Getting caught with more than 4 ounces can result in a six-year jail sentence and a $10,000 fine.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Arkansas?

It would be unfair to say that Arkansas is all backward about its cannabis laws. In 2016, Arkansas voters passed the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. The new legislation made it possible for certain people to apply for a medical marijuana card if they qualify for the treatment.

The list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Cachexia or wasting syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Severe arthritis
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Intractable pain resistant to ordinary treatment for more than six months
  • Severe nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Epilepsy

There’s an application fee for a medical marijuana card. It costs $50 and requires you to have written certification from a licensed doctor.

Once you have your medical marijuana card, you can look for marijuana-derived CBD products in one of the state-licensed dispensaries. There are currently nine operating dispensaries in Arkansas.

Hemp-Derived CBD in Arkansas

As mentioned, CBD can also be extracted from hemp plants. Hemp was federally legalized in 2018 when President Trump signed the amended Agricultural Act, removing the plant from the list of controlled substances. Under the new law, industrial hemp is an agricultural commodity.

CBD from industrial hemp usually contains only traces of THC, which isn’t enough to get the user high. More people are using this form of CBD as a health supplement to benefit from cannabis without the buzz.

As long as your CBD oil comes from hemp and contains less than 0.3%, you can legally buy it in Arkansas.

This brings us to the next section.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Arkansas

Since CBD oil is legal in Arkansas, you shouldn’t have problems finding it locally. However, we generally recommend making CBD purchases online, as a faster and safer way to obtain high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Reasons to Buy CBD Online in Arkansas

In-store vendors often don’t have all forms of CBD on the shelves. Their line up is usually limited to two types of products, so your options may be quite limited. Online stores sell every CBD format out there, including tinctures, gummies, vape oils, topicals, capsules, and pet products.

When you buy CBD online, you can also save more money on your purchases. Physical shops have to cover certain operational costs, so they must make up for that with elevated prices. Online retailers often provide customers with discounts and loyalty programs because they don’t have these costs. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both the vendor and the customer.

The research part is also less consuming when you buy CBD oil online. Going from one dispensary to another to compare different brands, ask the staff about their opinion on the product, reading supplement facts, and lab reports once you come home — this doesn’t sound like a fast way to get your CBD.

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The internet, on the other hand, allows you to read your potential supplier like an open book. You can go through their website, read how they source their CBD, read third-party reports from a lab analysis, and get in touch with other customers for reviews.

Local CBD Stores in Arkansas

Arkansas authorities have issued more than 30 licenses to dispensaries, but currently, only nine are operating. If there’s no dispensary near you, you can look for CBD in other places, including supplement outlets, head shops, and vape stores.

Due to the cost of running a physical store, CBD products found there are generally more expensive than those purchased online.

Best CBD Stores in Little Rock
  1. Puffin Stuff
  3. Healing hemp of Arkansas
Best CBD Stores in Fayetteville
  1. White Oak Vapor
  2. Matchbox Smoke Shop
  3. Smooth Vapes
Best CBD Stores in Fort Smith
  1. Glass Smoke Boutique
  2. Vapor World Fort Smith
  3. The Vapor Station
Best CBD Stores in Jonesboro
  1. The PARTHENON Jonesboro
  2. Vape & Sizzle
  3. Vapor Six 27

These stores may be your best shots until all dispensary licenses are finalized. However, if you want a safer option, we recommend finding a reliable online store.

A Few Tips on Buying CBD Oil in Arkansas

Buying CBD oil online is safe and convenient when you know where to look for and how to tell the difference between high-quality and poor-quality products.

Here’s how to find a trusted source of CBD:

  • Pay attention to the source of CBD. Hemp plants absorb everything from the environment they grow in, so it’s important to take care of the quality of the soil and air. The best hemp comes from local farmers who grow their plants organically without pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.
  • Choose CO2-extracted products. CO2 extraction is a heatless and solventless method that yields consistent levels of CBD as well as purity levels in the end product. This method is also safe for the environment.
  • Beware of companies that make outrageous claims about their products. CBD can greatly improve your quality of life if you use a good product, but it’s not an overnight solution for your health problems.
  • Only buy lab-tested CBD. Companies can send their products to third-party laboratories for content analysis. The Certificate of Analysis from such laboratories provides the results for the product’s potency as well as potential contaminants. If a product is clean and contains the advertised potency, it will pass the test. Reputable brands make those lab reports available on their websites.
  • Opt for full-spectrum extracts. Full-spectrum CBD contains all naturally occurring compounds in hemp. These compounds are more effective together than in isolation according to scientific research, especially when it comes to inflammation- and pain-related problems. If you’re not regularly tested for THC at work, full-spectrum CBD is your best bet.

Key Takeaways on Buying CBD Oil in Arkansas

Arkansas is slowly joining other states on their way to cannabis legalization. It’s possible to buy hemp-derived CBD in the state, but if you want marijuana-derived CBD, you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation for that.

For hemp-derived CBD products, you’ll be better off making your purchase online, rather than chasing down a local store. CBD products found online are generally more reliable and less expensive than the products found on the shelves of physical stores.

However, never trust a company’s word for granted; make sure to read lab reports and compare different brands to weed out the mediocre suppliers. There are many companies selling fake products on the market, trying to lure uninformed customers with bargain prices and unrealistic health claims — you don’t want to be one of them.