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Diamond cbd oil for pets

MediPets CBD Review

Falling under the umbrella of Diamond CBD, a CBD industry leader, MediPets is a pharmacist-formulated CBD brand for pets. The company has an excellent selection of CBD treats for dogs and cats, as well as a line of CBD oils.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

MediPets CBD: Quick Summary

  • Produced by Diamond CBD – a pioneer in the CBD industry
  • Socially conscious brand that uses sustainably sourced hemp
  • Excellent selection of CBD treats for cats and dogs
  • Huge discounts and savings on selected products
  • Lab reports don’t show data on testing for heavy metals, pesticides, etc.
  • CBD oil is unflavored
  • No third-party reviews

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MediPets CBD Complete Review

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular, both for humans and pets. Much like for humans, early research suggests that CBD has beneficial effects for pets, too, such as relieving pain and reducing anxiety and depression. It may also be helpful for treating nausea and vomiting, reducing seizures, and supporting bone and joint health.

The CBD for pets industry is booming, with several CBD pet brands on the market.

Today, the CBD for pets industry is booming, with several CBD pet brands on the market. MediPets CBD is a pet product line produced by Diamond CBD, a top-rated CBD retailer specializing in a range of CBD products for humans. The company keeps its CBD pet line completely separate from Diamond CBD, with its own website and branding.

MediPets sells CBD oils and treats for cats and dogs and a CBD spray for dogs. In the below MediPets CBD review, we discuss the company and its product offerings in more detail.

About the Brand and Its Processes

MediPets CBD is a subsidiary of Diamond CBD, who are considered to be CBD industry pioneers. They are a part of PotNetwork Holdings – a holdings company for CBD industry leaders. This speaks volumes to the company’s reputation and credibility in the market.

Diamond CBD’s team is made up of scientists and medical professionals dedicated to crafting pure CBD products without compromising quality. And this enthusiasm seems to follow through to the company’s CBD for pets collection. Although a separate entity, MediPets CBD products are formulated by the same team behind Diamond CBD.

MediPets claims to be the premier provider of top-quality CBD products for cats and dogs in the country. Of course, just about all CBD brands claim to be the best, so do they live up to the hype?

While we didn’t find anything differentiating them from other high-quality CBD pet brands, MediPets certainly strives for excellence. The hemp is 100% natural, organically grown, and sourced from local farms, and all CBD products are pharmacist-formulated. Also, CO2 Extraction is used to remove the CBD and other beneficial compounds from hemp plants.

Additionally, all products are third-party lab tested, and the lab results are available to view on the website. However, the reports only show data on cannabinoids and terpenes. Unfortunately, they’re not as detailed as some other lab reports and don’t show data on heavy metals, pesticides, and other potentially harmful contaminants.

MediPets CBD: The Complete Product Lineup

MediPets offers a full line of CBD oil and treats for pets. They also sell a useful CBD spray for dogs. All products are made using natural ingredients and are free of THC.

Here is an overview of the product lineup.

MediPets CBD Oil

MediPets has a line of CBD oils for dogs, categorized into small, medium, and large dogs. The small dog’s CBD concentration is 90mg, medium dogs 240mg, and large dogs is 600mg. There is only one CBD oil for cats, and it has a total CBD concentration of 90mg. It seems like the 90mg CBD oil for dogs and cats is the same thing – they each contain exactly the same ingredients and CBD concentration.

A vegetable glycerin-based carrier and CBD isolate extract is used to craft these oils. Each comes in a 30ml bottle. The 90mg oils deliver 3mg of CBD per ml, 240mg provides 8mg per ml, and 600mg delivers 20mg of CBD per ml. MediPets asserts that its CBD oil can be added to your pet’s food or drink or administered sublingually, under the tongue.

MediPets CBD Treats

The treats collection is a lot more extensive than the oils. The CBD treats for dogs come in total CBD concentrations of 100mg, 200mg, 300mg, and 600mg and several varieties, including sticks and biscuits. There are also a variety of flavors, like Lamb & Salmon, Beef, Filet Mignon, Meaty Steak, Burger Beef, and a lot more. Just about any treat your dog could want, they’ve got it.

The CBD treats for cats come in concentrations of 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg and delicious flavors, like Seafood Medley, Tasty Chicken, and Meaty Tender Sticks Salmon.

There are tons of treats for dogs and cats, so be sure to check out MediPets website for a complete rundown.

MediPets CBD Spray

Finally, MediPets also sells a CBD Pet Spray. Currently, there is only one offering, and it’s for dogs. It has a total CBD concentration of 100mg and is a full-spectrum formula. It’s unclear how this spray is used; typically, sprays are administered orally. However, a third-party site mentions that MediPets spray can be applied topically, too.

Like the CBD oil, a vegetable glycerin-based carrier is used in the spray – making it very similar to the tinctures. It’s simply a different strength and application method. The company claims that the spray is ideal for long car journeys and other stressful situations.

MediPets CBD Customer Service and Shipping

MediPets ships to all 50 states in the U.S. and offers free 2-day express shipping for orders over $100. The company runs regular sales and promotions, so be sure to check the site often. For instance, at the time of writing, they’re offering 55% off CBD oils for cats and dogs, which is an incredible discount.

The company runs regular sales and promotions and offers free 2-day express shipping for orders over $100.

As for customer service, Medi Pets does not quite meet the standards of some other customer-centric brands. Their return policy is pretty strict – only unopened products can be returned within a 30 day period. There also seems to be a bit of a discrepancy about the return policy on the company website. The homepage states that free returns are available within 15 days of your order, while the return and refund policy tab states that it’s 30 days.

Additionally, we could not find any customer reviews on third-party sites. While not necessarily a bad thing, it makes it difficult to gauge customers’ perception of the brand and its products. But there are quite a few positive reviews under most product offerings on MediPets’ website. However, we don’t focus too much on reviews found directly on brands’ websites because they are not always honest and reliable.

MediPets CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Backed by CBD industry pioneer Diamond CBD, MediPets is a reputable and trustworthy CBD brand for pets. They offer an excellent selection of CBD treats for cats and dogs and also have a decent range of CBD oils for dogs. However, there is only one option when it comes to CBD oil for cats.

The lab testing is not as thorough as it should be, and the return policy is pretty strict, which is a little disappointing. But MediPets certainly seems to be committed to producing high-quality CBD for pets and offers some incredible savings on selected products.

Check out MediPets CBD website for the full product range and prices. The online store is user-friendly, and there is a detailed FAQ section for any questions you may have.

FAQs about CBD Use in Pets

A: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid produced by the plant Cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana. After many anecdotal reports of CBD’s potential health benefits, studies are now underway to look at the potential benefits of CBD for controlling pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis, calming anxious pets, and as a possible treatment for epilepsy in dogs. CBD is being used by many pet owners today, so it’s essential to know enough about it to discuss the potential risks of use.

Q: Is CBD psychoactive?

A: No; however, there are several possible reasons a dog who has ingested CBD may look high:

  1. The product that the pet ingested contains both THC and CBD. There are many products on the market, some even labeled for use in pets, that contain both CBD and THC at varying concentrations, so check the labels or look up the product online to see what’s in it.
  2. The pet ingested enough of a CBD product to cause THC toxicity. Hemp can legally contain up to 0.3% THC, so if a pet ingests a large amount of a hemp-based CBD product, mild THC toxicity can occur.
  3. The product has not undergone quality assurance testing and contains THC.
  4. The dog also found some marijuana or THC edibles. Ask about any other cannabis products in the home.

Q: What are the most common signs reported in pets after the ingestion of CBD products?

A: Vomiting, lethargy, inappetence, and diarrhea are the most common clinical signs reported. Ataxia can occasionally occur with large ingestions.

Q: How do I treat these cases?

A: Most cases need no treatment, aside from symptomatic care for gastrointestinal upset if it occurs. If it’s a large dose, where the THC content might be a factor, mild sedation, urinary incontinence, hyperesthesia, and ataxia could develop, and the pet should be confined to prevent injury from misadventure. If you see significant signs that look like THC toxicity, treat the pet in front of you and provide IV fluid support, anti-nausea medication, and good nursing care as needed.

Q: Is there anything special I need to know about pet hemp treat overdoses?

A: Products sold as “soft chews” can have an osmotic effect when large amounts of chews are ingested and pull fluid from the body into the gastrointestinal tract. In mild cases, this can lead to diarrhea and dehydration. In severe cases, hypernatremia, hyperglycemia, hyperkalemia, azotemia, and acidosis can occur. Aggressive fluid therapy, while monitoring hydration status and electrolytes in these pets, is critical.

Q: What about interactions with other medications? Any long-term effects to be concerned about?

A: CBD is an inhibitor of cytochrome P450 and has the potential to affect the metabolism of other drugs. While this appears to be of minimal clinical significance in most cases, this may be important when CBD is used in a pet for seizure control. Doses of other anticonvulsants may need to be adjusted. Remember that owners may discontinue anticonvulsants on their own if they feel that CBD is controlling their pet’s seizures, so this is an important discussion to have.

CBD has also been shown to cause dose-dependent elevations in liver enzymes in various safety studies. This has not been noted in acute overdose situations but could be a concern in pets taking CBD long-term. Monitoring liver enzymes and total bilirubin in these pets is recommended.

The Best CBD Oils For Dogs

When it comes to alternative treatments for your Bully breeds, CBD has been making a big appearance lately among owners and veterinarians. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants.

Studies have shown these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal healthy state.

This can have a myriad of health benefits for both humans and pets. CBD has been associated with reductions in anxiety, help with sleep, relief from arthritic pain, and studies are being conducted on it’s effectiveness in reducing epileptic seizures in treatment resistant dogs.

The Top 7 CBD Oil Brands for Bully Breed Dogs

I have spent some countless hours searching the internet trying to find out all I can about CBD oil for my Staffy Ruby. At first glance it can be overwhelming to choose from everything available out there. What kind do I choose? What are the differences in these oils? What dosage will my dog need? How much will this cost each month?

All questions I had, and lucky for you I have compiled all my findings into what I feel are the best brands out there right now. I based the ratings on several competing factors, and it was not easy to choose because these are all top notch products.

All of the products below have passed a few sniff tests right off the jump. They are all brands that have verified 3rd party testing done on their products, all the brands have lab test results available on their website, and all use the CO2 extraction method, which put simply means, there are no solvents used to extract the CBD from the cannabis and hemp plants.

The rankings below are weighed on extraction type, carrier oil type, overall selection, pricing, and refund policies. Further explanation on extraction and carrier oils at the bottom of the post.

#1 – Holistapet

Holistapet brings the absolute top notch CBD oils to the table. Organic, Non-GMO ingredients, diligent care to the quality of the hemp plants, and a customer focused approach to everything they do. Tons of information on their website.

  • Full Spectrum CBD + other Cannabinoids – Hemp Seed Oil Carrier.
  • A large selection of CBD strengths ranging from 150mg – 3000mg.
  • Large assortment of treats, chews, capsules and topicals available.
  • Great pricing, especially for subscriptions. 25% off plus FREE SHIPPING.
  • $1.73/ml – 150mg = $25.95
  • $2.66/ml – 300mg = $39.95
  • $1.95/ml – 600mg = $58.95
  • $2.66/ml -1200mg = $79.95
  • $2.41/ml -3000mg = $144.95
  • Excellent 100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

#2 – Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a premium CBD oils company with industrial hemp oil carriers earns it the #2 spot. They carry a great selection of products, and have a unwavering dedication to organic, non GMO, top quality ingredients.

  • Full Spectrum CBD – Hemp Oil Carrier
  • A HUGE selection from 25mg – 550mg.
  • Good assortment of oils, treats, and sprays available.
  • Great pricing, and an excellent subscription discount of 40-60%.
  • $0.50/ml – 25mg = $14.99
  • $0.66/ml – 50mg = $19.99
  • $0.83/ml – 100mg = $24.99
  • $1.00/ml – 150mg = $29.99
  • $1.16/ml – 250mg = $34.99
  • $1.33/ml – 350mg = $39.99
  • $1.50 ml – 550mg = $44.99
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. FREE SHIPPING on Subscriptions

#3 – cbdMD

cbdMD takes the number 3 spot again to the HUGE selection of fairly priced products available, great subscription model, and rigorous standards to quality. The also carry a CBD peanut butter!

  • Broad Spectrum CBD – MCT Oil Carrier
  • A large selection of CBD strengths ranging from 150mg – 3000mg.
  • Large assortment of oils, calmin oil, hard chews, soft chews, peanut butter, and topicals available.
  • Great pricing, and a pretty sweet subscription price model. Save 30% on first order, 10% off next orders. FREE SHIPPING
  • $0.66/ml – 150mg = $19.99
  • $1.00/ml – 300mg = $29.99
  • $2.33/ml – 750mg = $69.99
  • $3.33/ml – 1500mg = $99.99
  • $4.99/ml – 3000mg = $149.99
  • Excellent 100% money back guarantee within 60 days, and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79.99

#4 – Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf comes in at #4 with a moderate selection of CBD oil strengths, but a huge variety of products and some really excellent prices. Award winning treats, and impressive certifications. They also carry Lipsome Hemp Oils that provide extra beneficial ingredients like Omega fatty acids.

  • Full Spectrum CBD – MCT Oil Carrier
  • A moderate selection of CBD strengths ranging from 100mg – 500mg.
  • Large assortment of award winning treats, as well as capsules, soft chews, and topicals
  • Excellent prices, with the 10% subscription savings.
  • $0.66/ml – 100mg = $19.99
  • $1.06/ml – 200mg = $31.99
  • $2.16/ml – 500mg = $ 64.99
  • Lipsome Hemp Oils
  • $1.83/ml – 100mg = $54.99
  • $2.66/ml – 300mg = $79.99
  • $2.00/ml – 600mg = $119.99
  • Full refund if not satisfied within 30 days. FREE SHIPPING over $75

#5 – Pet Hemp Company

Pet Hemp Company comes in at #5 with their large assortment of moderately priced, and exceptional quality products.

  • Full Spectrum CBD – Hemp Seed Oil Carrier
  • A large selection of CBD strengths ranging from 150mg – 500mg.
  • Small but high quality assortment of oils, treats, and capsules available.
  • A little higher priced, but still very affordable, especially with the 10% subscription savings with FREE SHIPPING.
  • $2.00/ml – 150mg = $29.95
  • $3.00/ml – 300mg = $44.95
  • $4.33/ml – 600mg = $64.95
  • $2.83/ml -1200mg = $84.95
  • $2.58/ml -3000mg = $154.95
  • Money back within 30 days on unopened products.

#6 – The Anxious Pet

The Anxious Pet earns the #6 spot with its high quality assortment of oil, chews, and supplement bars. A lower selection of products than the above brands, The Anxious Pet still brings premium quality products, and a fair price.

  • Full Spectrum CBD – Coconut Oil Carrier
  • A small selection of CBD strengths in 400mg and 800mg.
  • Small but high quality assortment of oils, chews, and supplement bars available.
  • Fairly priced, with a great subscription option of 15% off with FREE SHIPPING.
  • $1.60/ml – 400mg = $48
  • $2.93/ml – 800mg = $88
  • Amazing 60 day money back guarantee with FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

#7 – Joy Organics

Joy Organics rounds out our Top 7 list with their certified organic Oil and Chew products. Though limited in overall product selection, Joy Organics is dedicated to a premium CBD product and process.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD – Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil Carrier
  • A single oil option of 450mg dosage.
  • Small but high quality assortment oil and bacon flavor chew product.
  • Excellent pricing, with a Save 20% and FREE SHIPPING subscription option.
  • $1.79/ml – 450mg = $53.95
  • Satisfaction guarantee 30 day money back refund.

There is a lot of research to be done still in the area of medicinal CBD as to the health benefits and various uses. Anecdotal evidence seems to always point towards it being a great alternative medicine, but it is always good to consult with your vet on the various options available for treatments of your pets ailments.

Further Explainations

Extraction types refer to the 3 different kinds of CBD oil you can create. There is the Full spectrum CBD product contains all the parts of the plant including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, such as cannabinol. This is believed to be the best type of CBD as these compounds help in the effectiveness of the CBD. It may also contain trace amounts of THC, but not enough to produce any “high” effects as the amount is so low

Broad spectrum CBD has some, but not all of the plant compounds removed, usually the THC, and can be a little less effective when used compared to Full spectrum. This may require larger doses to reach the same effects.

CBD Isolate is just pure CBD with none of the compounds of the plant remaining. This type of CBD will require a larger dosage, and may still not have the same effect, so I have left all CBD isolate products off my list.

Carrier oils are what is diluted with CBD to deliver it to your dogs system. There are many different kinds, but it is believe that Hemp Oil, or Hemp seed oil are best for absorption, where as MCT oil helps in the preservation of the CBD, but can upset some dogs stomachs.

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