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Cbd vape oil with nicotine for use under tongue

Cbd vape oil with nicotine for use under tongue

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Can You Put CBD Vape Oil Under Your Tongue?

Spoiler alert: No, it is not a good idea to put CBD vape oil, also known as CBD vape concentrate, under your tongue. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with the idea, but the steps involved are ridiculous, and there are much better ways to orally ingest CBD.

Learn why you shouldn’t try to break open your vape cartridges to stick oil under your tongue. Here’s another hint: Glass is involved.

Can you put CBD under your tongue?

Yes, putting CBD under your tongue, called sublingual CBD administration , is a great way to use this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Most CBD tinctures are designed to be applied under your tongue since this route offers increased effectiveness. Not all CBD products are designed to go under your tongue, however.

Why would you take CBD oil under your tongue?

People put CBD oil under their tongues because the membrane there is thin and there’s a big artery in the area . CBD absorbs directly into this artery, which conveniently leads right to the brain. Holding a CBD tincture under your tongue for a minute or so somewhat mitigates the inherently low bioavailability of oral cannabinoid ingestion.

What is “CBD vape oil”?

So, which types of CBD can you put under your tongue, and which can’t you? Let’s start by defining some terms: “CBD vape oil” is the type of CBD extract that’s put inside disposable vape cartridges. This term is somewhat misleading — unlike nicotine vape oil, which is watery, CBD “vape oil” is viscous and thick like honey.

“CBD vape oil” vs. “CBD tincture”

CBD vape oil certainly isn’t the same thing as CBD tincture, which usually consists of the same type of extract as CBD vape concentrate but watered down by carrier oils. If you tried to vape a CBD tincture, you’d wreak horrible results, and similarly, it’s usually a bad idea to put CBD vape concentrate under your tongue.

See the difference?

So, “CBD vape oil” is something designed to go in vape cartridges and be inhaled while “CBD tincture” is something that you ingest orally. Don’t get the two mixed up, and don’t try to do the same thing with one that you’d do with the other.

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Breaking open a vape cartridge is risky and dangerous

Why? Well, for one, you may have noticed that CBD vape cartridges are surrounded by glass. It’s technically possible to open a vape cartridge after it has been sealed, but the process almost always involves adding tiny slivers of glass to your vape concentrate. You’ll inhale or ingest these slivers whichever way you use the contaminated concentrate, ruining your CBD oil altogether.

Tincture under the tongue, vapes for inhaling

If you have some CBD concentrate outside of a vape cartridge (CBD dabs), then that’s a totally different story. Otherwise, though, simply recognize that CBD tinctures are the only hemp products specifically designed to go under your tongue. Putting CBD vape concentrate under your tongue would certainly be wasteful and could potentially be dangerous.

Why? One simple reason

Tinctures are more bioavailable than other oral CBD products specifically because of their carrier oils. These oils improve oral bioavailability by carrying CBD through the stomach lining. While applying CBD vape concentrate under your tongue would provide some immediate effectiveness via the sublingual route, any residual effects during digestion would be greatly minimized.

Learn how to use CBD hemp products from other customers

You know now that there are better things to do with CBD vape oil than putting it under your tongue, but what are some examples of those better things? Also, how do you use the type of CBD product that’s actually designed to go under your tongue — a tincture? Let’s take a look at some customer reviews to find the answers.

Secret Nature CBD tincture reviews

  • Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower CBD Drops review – Nancy D. “Great for bedtime! ★★★★★ “I care about my sleep so I was really interesting n trying these drops. I take it about an hour b4 bedtime n it calms me so that I can fall asleep easier after a productive day. The feeling is chill n I love the selection from Secret Nature too…”
  • Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower CBD Drops review – Gregoire A. “Highest quality in my opinion” ★★★★★ “I’ve tried many of Secret Nature’s products and keep coming back. It’s the first time I try the tincture and love it – it tastes real and my sleep quality has greatly improved.”

Secret Nature CBD vape reviews

  • Secret Nature Durban Poison CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review – William S. “This is some good stuff!” ★★★★★ “This is the best CBD product I have ever bought . The potency and quality is the best. Would highly recommend this to everyone.”
  • Secret Nature Orange Royale CBD Hemp Vape Cartridge review – Liz N. ★★★★★ “Love ALL Secret Nature products! They are the best in the biz. Takes just the right amount of edge off, without causing me to be drowsy. Thank you!”
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FAQ: Unconventional CBD vape uses

Putting CBD vape extract under your tongue isn’t actually the weirdest way you can use it. Deepen your knowledge of CBD apocrypha with the following FAQ:

Can you put tincture in a vape?

No, putting tincture in a vape could be dangerous to your health. Tinctures and vapes are two separate things. You shouldn’t try to vape a tincture, and you shouldn’t put vape oil under your tongue. Tinctures contain a lot of other things you shouldn’t be inhaling.

Can you put CBD tincture in a vape pen?

No, do not put CBD tincture in a vape pen. Some CBD tinctures are advertised as being vaporizable, but don’t do it even then. These tinctures contain either PG, VG, or MCT oil, all of which could be harmful to your health when inhaled.

Can CBD oil tincture be vaped?

No, most of the substances present in CBD tinctures are not designed to be vaped. Doing so could considerably harm your lungs and cause a condition called lipoid pneumonia that can be fatal. Only vaporize substances that are designed to go inside your lungs.

How Can Certain CBD Oils Be Used for Both Sublingual and Vaping Purposes?

One thing that we get asked a lot about is the different ways in which one can use a CBD oil product. We know that CBD oils are primarily marketed as tinctures, but we also know that vape oils and tinctures have a lot in common.

So, can CBD oils be used for both vaping purposes and as a tincture? The answer is that it depends.

Sublingual CBD (CBD Tinctures)

Sublingual CBD, which is commonly referred to as a CBD tincture, is a CBD oil product that contains hemp extract combined with a carrier oil. Sometimes, it contains flavoring ingredients as well. CBD tinctures are poured beneath the tongue, where they absorb into the sublingual tissue for fast activation.

CBD Vape Oil (CBD E-Liquid)

CBD vape oil, also known as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice, combines hemp extract with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as these two ingredients are the base of all e-liquid products due to their ability to help the liquid turn into a smooth vapor. Most CBD e-liquids also contain flavoring.

The thing about CBD vape oil is that it often contains ingredients that are safe to ingest. Both PG and VG are approved by the FDA, and are found in many products that we ingest regularly. And, some of the flavoring used by vape companies can safely be consumed as well.

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CBD vape oil comes in a bottle, and it’s poured into the tank or cartridge of a vaping system.

CBD Vape Additives

We want to quickly discuss a third type of product that’s becoming more and more popular. CBD vape additives are concentrated CBD oil products that can be added to any vape juice to turn it into a hemp-infused e-liquid. Often, these products are free of PG and VG, as they are being added to a product that already contains those ingredients. Many CBD vape additives are actually just CBD extracts, and so they can be added to both tinctures and vape oils. But, always check with the product description before using it as one or the other.

When They Can Be Used Interchangeably

So, when is it okay to use the products interchangeably? Well, the best answer is that it’s okay as long as the manufacturer says so. Many companies make CBD vape oils that clearly state that they can be used sublingually. Like we said, both PG and VG are safe to ingest, as are many flavoring extracts used in the e-liquids.

When They Can’t Be Used Interchangeably

Some CBD oil products cannot be used as both a vape oil and tincture. For instance, like we said, all CBD vape oils must contain both VG and PG, because without them, they wouldn’t be able to properly vaporize. CBD tinctures rarely have these ingredients in them. Therefore, you couldn’t just pour a CBD tincture formula into your cartridge or tank and vape it, as it wouldn’t work.

Similarly, some CBD vape oils contain additional ingredients that are safe to vape, but probably not great to ingest. That’s why you should always read through the list of ingredients of a CBD product before deciding how you’d like to use it.

We suggest that if you wish to use a CBD product intended for vaping as a tincture, or a CBD tincture as a vape oil, you ask the manufacturer. This is the best way to make sure that you’re not going to do something that’s not safe. Otherwise, you could specifically seek out CBD products that claim that they can be used for both purposes.

More Flexibility with Your CBD Experience

CBD vape oils and CBD tinctures can be used interchangeably only certain circumstances, as you can see. The best way to know whether or not this is the case is to simply see what the manufacturer has to say. If a product does not say that it can be used for both purposes, it’s best to avoid utilizing them as such.