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Cbd oil wax packaging box for jar

Dab Containers

The best things come in small packages – and dab containers prove that saying to be true. Since concentrates are so, well, concentrated, dab jars are typically teeny tiny containers. But as we all know, those teeny tiny jars contain extremely high levels of THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids.

Concentrate containers are some of the smallest canisters in the cannabis packaging industry, but they hold some of the most potent, valuable, and sought-after products.

With that in mind, as well as the dozen or so concentrate varieties out there today, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to implement versatile, modern, AND stylish concentrate packaging. Required functionality aspects are also more important than ever as child-resistant cap and tamper-evident labeling laws go into place across the nation.

Compliance packaging can and will be the difference between your business’ success or failure. It’s absolutely vital (and legally required) to ensure all of your dispensary packaging is compliant.

Lucky for you, stylish compliance packaging is our bread and butter. Choose from dozens of wax container sizes, styles, colors, and customizing options to create the perfect concentrate containers for your business.

We’ll take care to ensure your packaging is compliant while all you need to focus on are things like black versus clear, monotone or multi-colored, glass versus plastic. We’ll make your dab packaging dreams a reality here at Marijuana Packaging.

What Are Dab Containers?

Dab containers are small jars, cases, syringes, cartridges, and other small containers made from glass, plastic, or silicone intended to house cannabis concentrates. The best dab containers are airtight to preserve the freshness of the cannabis concentrate within. Opaque concentrate jars also offer protection from light that can be damaging to cannabinoids.

However, many consumers prefer clear cannabis concentrate containers so they can view the wax/dabs, crumble, isolate, or other concentrates within.

When choosing concentrate packaging, it’s important to think about a few crucial things. First and foremost: legal compliance. But like we said, we make that box easy to check with our huge line of compliance packaging. All you need to do is determine the cannabis packaging laws in your state and choose from our selection of child-resistant, tamper-evident, and exit packaging options.

Second, you’ll need to consider what types of concentrates you’re offering and choose appropriate containers and concentrate packaging, but we’ll go over that more in the next section.

Third, you’ll want to consider customized dab packaging that fits both your brand’s style and appeals to your overall customer base. As we all know, millennials and generation Z consume more cannabis than any other age range, and they’ve grown up in an era where weed has become more potent, more legal, and more widely available.

Ask any cannabis consumer over 50 about the difference in marijuana strength now versus 20, 30, 40 years ago and they’ll corroborate that it’s confoundingly more potent these days.

With that knowledge, you can make an educated assumption that it’s millennials and generation Z that are looking for concentrates at dispensaries. They’ve grown up with weed strains and cannabinoid concentrates that got more potent by the day. That means you’re likely going to want to design and market your concentrate jars and wax packaging toward those generations – and we can help with that.

Since concentrate jars for commercial use are so small, many marijuana companies don’t customize the actual dab jars or cartridges very much, if at all. However, you don’t have to give up on having cool dab containers in your shop or another marijuana dispensary thanks to our full line of customizable concentrate packaging!

There is no better place to shop for dab wax containers bulk! From custom printed shatter envelopes to custom wax cart packaging, we’ll make your concentrate boxes stand out on the shelves more than any other brand.

What Types of Concentrates & Concentrate Containers Are Available?

Buckle in, because we have a lot to go over here. We are so proud of our incredibly vast line of concentrate containers, which includes options for pretty much every type of concentrate there is. If you’ve been manufacturing and/or selling cannabis concentrates for a while now, we don’t need to tell you that there are A LOT of concentrate types. But if you’re new to the concentrate game, the sheer number of concentrate types very well might just blow you away.

There are over 178 various concentrate packaging options on our website. That includes dab jars, vape cartridges, wax packaging, rosin jars, dab syringe packaging, shatter envelopes, crumble containers, dab slicks, and so, so much more. Many of our wax container and other concentrate packaging options work for multiple concentrate types, as well! So if you find a style of small jar that you like, you can fill them with all of your potent, heady dabs, wax, sauce, crumble, etc.

The exact number of cannabis concentrates out there depends on the source you check. It seems like every day there’s a new kind of dab or concentrate hitting the market, but there are some super well-known ones. Some common concentrates are wax, shatter, crumble, resin, rosin, live resin, live rosin, sauce, budder, isolate, diamonds, distillate, CO2-extracted oil, and the list just keeps going on and on.

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Let’s go over some of our most common concentrate containers and what people put inside them. That way, when you buy dab containers bulk, you’ll be fully educated!

Glass Wax Containers

Our diverse collection of glass concentrate containers is the perfect place to start your dab containers bulk search. Most are suited for 1 to 2 grams of concentrate, which are the typical portions sold to commercial consumers. Our glass concentrate containers are also suited for almost all concentrate types, which can’t be said about all dab packaging. So those little glass concentrate jars can work as glass rosin containers, sauce concentrate jars, live resin jars, and so much more!

Many of our glass dab wax container options are already paired with airtight and child-resistant caps. However, we also have capless glass wax containers bulk that you can choose your own caps for! We also offer customizable caps to really make your glass dab jars stand out on the shelves. There are so many unique options in our glass concentrate containers collection.

Silicone & Plastic Wax Containers

Our collection of plastic and silicone containers bulk is filled with simplistic, customizable wax packaging that is suited for a range of concentrates.

However, it’s important to note right off the bat that silicone containers are not compatible with and not recommended for packaging concentrates derived through butane-based extraction. Our plastic dab jars, also called dab slicks, are suited for most concentrates, though!

All of our little plastic and silicone wax container options are paired with compatible, airtight lids. In addition to our 1 and 2 gram plastic or silicone jars, we also make plastic shatter wax packaging. Shatter is typically sold in sheets, meaning it won’t fit into those tiny dab slicks. Of course, shatter can be broken up into flakes and placed into smaller dab packaging. But if you prefer to offer sheets of shatter, our sliding or clasping containers, shatter boxes, or envelopes are great options.

Many of our plastic concentrate containers also work as live resin packaging, wax packaging, crumble containers, and so much more.

Vaporizer Cartridges

Everyone in the cannabis community knows that vape carts are surging in popularity for several reasons. Their ease of use, discretion, convenience, efficiency, and range of flavor options are pretty much unmatched in the concentrate world.

Most connoisseurs would agree that taking an actual dab from a rig is the best way to enjoy cannabis concentrates, but vape pens are just so darn appealing for so many reasons!

We carry 27 varieties of glass vape pen cartridges wholesale that are just begging to be filled with your potent, delectable THC/CBD e-juice. When you take a look at our vape cartridge collection, you’ll also notice we carry vape cartridge filling machines, vape batteries/chargers, and cartridge tubes. Plus, we make customizable vape and cartridge packaging to bring your unique products to life!

Remember, vape pens are the exact kind of product those millennials and generation Z people are looking for – they’re convenient, efficient, and trendy, no doubt about it. If you’re thinking of branching into the vape cartridge game, we can set you up with everything you need to create the very best ones!

Dab Applicator Syringes

Dab syringes are an increasingly popular dab, sauce, and distillate packaging option. They offer ultra-precise, convenient dosing and storage for modern consumers. Our full line of distillate syringe packaging is filled with unique, compliant, easy-to-use syringes suited for all sorts of concentrates and branding. From colorful plastic tips to gold glass syringes, there’s something for everyone in our dab applicator syringe collection.

Distillate Bottles & Droppers

Our distillate bottles and droppers are designed for safe storage and easy dosing of THC and CBD oils. Whether you’re looking for classic, light-blocking amber bottles, unique bright blue options, or simple, clear bottles, we can make your concentrate bottle dreams a reality. Customizing these dropper bottles is easy as can be, and we can also create custom packaging to sell your distillate bottles in!

What Is the Most Popular Wax Container?

The most popular wax container or dab puck options are typically the ones that can house multiple types of concentrates. Silicone and plastic containers are popular for their affordable prices, but they’re not always suited for all concentrate types. A wax container glass, though, is generally suited for all concentrate types. Of course, the container type will depend on the viscosity and amount of concentrate, but our collection of glass wax containers bulk has an option for almost everything.

1 gram wax packaging is hugely popular since many concentrates are sold in 1 gram portions. We make several 1 and 2 gram glass dab containers bulk, but we also make another unique and intriguing option: dual-chamber glass concentrate jars. These guys are awesome because they can hold 1 full gram of concentrate split into two sides of the same containers. That means you can put wax on one side and crumble on the other, or just fill the whole thing with wax! How cool is that? Many manufacturers scoop up these dab containers bulk, just because of how versatile they are.

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Clear glass is such a popular concentrate packaging option for its sleek appearance and versatility. However, some prefer the look of opaque jars that add privacy and protection to their wax containers. The good news? We offer opaque white or black concentrate jars as well as opaque, non-stick inserts for plastic concentrate jars. They can all be used as live resin packaging, rosin jars, crumble containers, and so much more.

While resin is hugely popular, there aren’t really containers for resin specifically since resin (as well as live resin, rosin, and live rosin) can be housed in most glass dab packaging. When searching for live resin jars, you should feel free to choose pretty much anything in our glass concentrate container collection. Glass is the general standard for resin and live resin jars since those concentrate types are extracted with a butane-based method.

However, we don’t want to make you think we’re knocking plastic and silicone containers bulk, because we’re not! A silicone dab jar, frequently called a “dab puck,” is an ultra-common way to house concentrates that were NOT extracted using a butane-based method, such as live rosin. Silicone live rosin jars are convenient, affordable, and easy to customize!

Can Dab Jars Extend the Life of My Concentrates?

You bet! Our concentrate pucks are designed to do just that! There are many reasons why cannabis packaging is an entire industry, and one of the major reasons is preserving product freshness. Of course, compliance packaging has become one of the most important, legally required aspects of selling cannabis products. But the evolution of cannabis packaging has been fascinating to watch as we move away from plastic sandwich baggies to high-tech, secure, trendy, and airtight containers.

Most of our dab wax containers bulk – plastic, silicone, and glass – are made with airtight cap designs. This is both to preserve the concentrate’s freshness and to prevent spillage. Air is a major enemy of cannabis products, from flower to wax to resin to edibles. But as long as you screw the caps on tightly, our dab wax container options are excellent for keeping your concentrates gooey, potent, and fresh for weeks.

When it comes to wax gram packaging, our glass wax jars are some of the best options for extending concentrate shelf life. Of course, most of our plastic and silicone wax container options are airtight, as well, but there’s just something so attractive about glass dab jars. To increase your concentrates longevity even more, store the jars in cool, dry, dark places and encourage your customers to do the same at home.

Where to Purchase Concentrate Packaging Wholesale

If you’re searching for concentrate containers wholesale, we’ve got you more than covered. Thanks to our vast collection of concentrate containers and packaging, you can create distinctive, eye-catching, compliance packaging that draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. With so many people searching out these products, it’s more important than ever to set your concentrates apart from the competition. While you may make the most potent, flavorful, and unique concentrates, your dispensary wax containers are going to make a huge difference in your sales.

As we mentioned, people simply love the convenience of only taking a few rips or only eating a few drops of a super-concentrated THC or CBD product to feel beneficial effects. But folks are more likely to pick up the modern white box with a botanical design holding a dual-chamber glass dab wax container than a plain brown cardboard box holding a plain plastic dab puck.

Our dab containers wholesale make it super easy to stock up AND save on the very best concentrate containers. Did you know we have a price beat guarantee? When you shop with us at Marijuana Packaging, you can feel confident that you’re getting th eabsolute best prices on the finest concentrate storage options. From live resin packaging to dab containers bulk to crumble packaging, we definitely have what you’re looking for in our collection of concentrate jars, cases, syringes, bottles, and more.

As we mentioned, wax container glass varieties are some of the most widely popular concentrate storage options. However, our silicone wax container bulk is also one of the very best concentrate cases in the entire collection and is hugely popular. These silicone containers are simplistic, affordable, reusable, and customizable! Silicone containers are used because they are non-stick, so your customers can thank you since we all know how difficult it is to get those last dabs out of your containers!

The Bottom Line

Buying wax containers bulk is a must for cannabis concentrate manufacturers, but it’s also becoming a must for setting your products apart and meeting legal requirements. But thankfully, choosing, customizing, and ordering concentrate containers has never been easier than it is with our online shop. We have the most affordable custom concentrate packaging online. And if not, our price beat guarantee will make sure of it!

Whether you’re looking for simple wax container glass jars or bright, decorative plastic containers, we can easily help bring your vision to life.

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Don’t forget that if you’re getting into making your own vape pen cartridges, we also make cartridge filling machines! They make the tedious task of cartridge filling exponentially easier and more efficient, allowing you to pump out hundreds or thousands of vape cartridges every single day. And with our vast offering of glass cartridges and cartridge packaging, our site is a one-stop shop for cartridge manufacturing operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dab Containers
How to Store Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates should be stored in airtight containers and kept in cool, dry, dark places. Kitchen cabinets, bedside table drawers, and even medicine cabinets are generally good places to store cannabis concentrates. Light, air, heat, and humidity are enemies of cannabinoids – keeping them away from your concentrates will improve their shelf lives.

Can Cannabis Concentrates Expire?

The cannabinoids in concentrates can degrade over time, especially when the concentrates aren’t stored properly, reducing the concentrate’s potency. Exposure to humidity can cause mold inside of concentrate containers, so be sure to keep them in a dry place. If the concentrate is mixed with food-grade ingredients (ex: CBD oil made with olive oil), it may genuinely “expire,” especially when improperly stored, after about one or two years. Most concentrates, left untouched/improperly stored, will simply harden too much to use after enough time passes.

Can I Purchase Custom Concentrate Containers?

Absolutely! We make a vast range of customizable concentrate containers, including glass jars, plastic cases, vape cartridges/tubes, and so much more. With child-resistant, tamper-evident, clear, opaque, big, small, delicate, hefty, and unique items, there’s a customizable concentrate container in our collection for every brand.

Concentrates vs Flower

Concentrates and flower are both fantastic ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD. Typically, concentrates are popular with cannabis connoisseurs because of their high potency and the advanced techniques required for inhaling them. Flower is also beloved amongst connoisseurs, but it tends to be a popular option for those starting out with cannabis. However, even those just starting out may be interested in concentrates if they’re looking to relieve strong pain/discomfort from conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, nausea, etc. Neither concentrates nor flower are “better,” but concentrates are more potent and offer more powerful therapeutic effects.

What Are The Most Popular Wax Container Sizes?

Our 1mL glass, plastic, and silicone concentrate containers are the most popular because they can hold 1 gram of most concentrates – the most popular concentrate portion for commercial sale/use. These small jars can house wax, crumble, isolate, dabs, diamonds, sauce, and many other concentrate forms.

Custom CBD Jar Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes for CBD Jars Packaging should comprehend striking design and high-quality cardboard material to withstand the weight of the jar and keep it safe. Special attention needs to be paid to choose the right box structure and cardboard thickness to keep the contents of the CBD Jar protected and fresh until they reach the customers. The Custom CBD boxes will guide you through the packaging process to help you choose the best packaging for your product!

Dimension (L + W + H) Available in All Sizes (L + W + H)
Quantities Starts from 50 to Unlimited
Paper Stock n/a
Printing Offset (CMYK – PMS), Screen Printing, Digital
Finishing Gloss, Matte, Spot UV, Aqueous Coating
Included Options Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
Additional Options Die-cut PVC Window, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Rose Gold Foil, Embossing, De-bossing
Proof Digital Proof with 3D Mockup
Turnaround Regular (6 to 8 Business Days to ship), Expedite (4 to 6 Business Days to ship)
Shipping Flat Ship (Free Shipping UK, USA, Canada)

CBD Jars are made mainly to hold the Cannabidiol in a seal shut container to keep it protected from humid environment and preserve its freshness. CBD Jars are ideal for selling to buyers who are looking for the unfinished raw product in substantial amounts. They are also perfect as gifts for a friend or loved one who is fond of Cannabidiol. You can customize your CBD Jar Boxes depending on the end user. For effective finishing, we recommend using thick cardboard material with 4 color printing and lamination, which will surely show the value of your CBD products in a store or when presented as a gift.

The text is important to adjunct the color scheme of the box to intrigue the interest of your customers by pointing out the benefits, usage, application and precautions of using your CBD product. Since, CBD Jars are mostly made of glass, it is necessary to keep in mind that the cardboard used for the Custom CBD Boxes should be of highest quality to endure the weight of its contents.

The CBD Boxes offers premium packaging services with Free Shipping and Free Graphic Design Support. Our experienced packaging designers will come up with most effective and protective box structure with convincing design, so your customers can complement your brand and remember it for their future purchases. Give us a call today to get your own Custom CBD Jar Packaging Boxes.