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Cbd oil treats for dogs thunderstorms

ThunderWunders for Dogs – Hemp Calming Chews

Calm now comes in a tasty bite-sized bit! ThunderWunders Dog Calming Chews contain ingredients that help promote rest and relaxation for your dog, so you can spend less time struggling and more time snuggling. Packed full of thiamine, L-Tryptophan, melatonin, and other calming ingredients, our chews help your dog relax in situations that may cause them anxiety.

ThunderWunders can be used for common stressful situations, like fireworks, thunderstorms, traveling, vet visits, & grooming!

  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients
  • NASC Certified

When Should I Give my Dog ThunderWunders? And How Many?

If possible, give your dog the recommended amount of ThunderWunders ~30 minutes before the stressful event (a thunderstorm is coming, fireworks will start, you are going to get in the car and go to the vet, etc) in order to give the ThunderWunders time to kick in!

ThunderWunders are only meant for dogs 12 weeks and older! The recommended amount depends on your dog’s weight (see chart below). Do not exceed double the recommended amount within a 12 hour period. If you give your dog double the recommended amount within 12 hours, we recommend waiting another 12 hours before giving them more ThunderWunders.

What ingredients are in ThunderWunders Dog Calming Chews?

Chamomile: Chamomile has muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to relax the muscles and relieve situational anxiety. It is also very helpful for dogs who are prone to an upset stomach during hyper-excitability

Ginger: Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine in some cultures for thousands of years! It is a great digestive aid for an upset stomach and nausea, and has been seen to help your dog’s immune system. Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to ease any inflammation your dog may have and help them to feel more comfortable

Thaimine: Thiamine, also known at Vitamin B1 is an essential vitamin in your dog’s diet! It plays an integral role in organ health and helps to promote motor functions in your dog

Passionflower: Passionflower is not only beautiful, but has a long medicinal history! It’s greatest claim to fame is it’s calming effect. By increasing levels of GABA in the brain, it helps to make your dog more relaxed. Passionflower is great for pups with both situational or separation anxiety.

Hemp: In addition to other health benefits, hemp can produce unique anti-anxiety effects, control generalized stress, and obsessive behaviors. It can help with anixety caused from loud noises or separation anxiety.

CBD for Pet Thunderstorm Anxiety

Do you have a dog that gets a bit nervous when a thunderstorm hits? A pet that runs and hides with the first clap of thunder?

Pet thunderstorm anxiety is real.

So much so that countless pets across the nation are prescribed actual prescriptions (one of our relatives calls these pills they gave their beloved basset hound “doggie Xanax”) to help ease this unwanted anxiety.

Many pet owners, however, aren’t in to the whole prescription thing.

Which is why several dog owners have turned to CBD when it comes the thunderstorm anxiety their canine companion tends to experience.

Does CBD work for pet thunderstorm anxiety? Is CBD really –?

Let’s take a closer look.

Why are Dogs Afraid of Thunderstorms?

If your four-legged friend has thunderstorm anxiety, he (or she) is certainly not alone.

It’s estimated that at least 40% of dogs experience noise anxiety, which occurs with more frequency in the summer months.

Did you know that busiest days for runaway dogs showing up at animal shelters is July 5?

According to Associate Professor of Clinical Animal Behavior at the University of California Davis, Dr. Melissa Bain, “It’s very serious. It’s a true panic disorder with a compete flight response.”

Why, though, are some dogs so afraid of loud noises associated with things like thunderstorms and fireworks?

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It’s simple, even if it doesn’t seem like it when your dog starts going crazy as the thunder rolls.

Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms because they don’t understand what it is or what’s going on.

The extremely loud noise can be perceived as a threat, which can in turn manifest as anxiety.

The loud unfamiliar noise, however, isn’t the only reason why dogs can become so anxious in thunderstorms.

There’s research, for example, that suggests the feeling of static electricity in the air from the thunderstorm is what’s so disturbing to some dogs.

This is because the atmospheric changes can cause static electricity to build up in a dog’s coat, which can feel very similar to a painful, electric shock.

According to Director of the Animal Behavior Department at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, dogs can experience several shocks from static electricity during a thunderstorm.

Do thunderstorms have your dog running towards grounded spaces like the basement or bathtub?

The buildup of static electricity in their coat could be why.

CBD for Pet Thunderstorm Anxiety

In case you haven’t heard, humans aren’t the only species benefiting from CBD.

More and more pet owners than ever have started using CBD for their furry friends.

Pet parents are touting the benefits of CBD for their dogs and cats, claiming that it helps everything from seizures and pain to anxiety and appetite.

Sounds similar to the benefits associated with humans, no?

This is because, just like humans, dogs (and other animals) have their own endocannabinoid system.

And while there’s little research (yet) to back up the claims that have changed the lives of so many pets (and their owners), CBD has become one of the most popular pet products that have hit the market in a while.

Sales of CBD products for pets quadrupled in just one year from $8 million in 2017 to $32 million in 2018.

It’s estimated that by 2022, CBD pet sales could reach almost $2 billion.

Despite the lack of clinical research that’s been conducted on pets and CBD, personal accounts from pet owners themselves have made a serious impact on sales.

There’s anecdotal evidence all over the internet about ways CBD has helped people’s pets.

Take the 15-pound chihuahua with “extreme thunderstorm anxiety” who gets 2mg of CBD a day.

During a spring storm in Florida, she ran up to her owner shaking and shivering.

When her owner asked if it “was time for her medicine,” the chihuahua ran to the cupboard where her CBD is kept.

After giving the dog her regular dose, her owner contends she went off to take a nap with her tail wagging. “I don’t think it works that quickly,” says her owner, “but she knows she’s going to feel better after she has it.”

Joanne Schaus told CNBC that she found CBD oil for her dog online.

Schaus maintains that the 11-year-old Australian Shepard named Skid “gets wired” during thunderstorms.

Seeing that it storms frequently where she lives in Wisconsin, pacing and panting have become a somewhat regular occurrence.

After trying everything she could to no avail, Schaus tried CBD. She says that after a few weeks Skid’s panic attacks ended.

She says, “He just didn’t even notice the storm. I can’t say it’s completely fixed him because if we get a huge thunderclap he does get a little nervous.”

Full-on panic to “a little nervous” seems like a HUGE improvement to us.

What do Vets Have to Say About CBD for Pet Thunderstorm Anxiety?

While there are countless pet owners that claim CBD has significantly improved the lives of their pets, there’s simply no enough clinical evidence to back up their contentions.

Dr. Stephanie McGrath from the University of Colorado Boulder says, “There’s a lot of anecdotal stories about it but no science.”

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This is something McGrath hopes to see change.

She works at CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and began studying the effects of CBD on dogs with epilepsy and osteoarthritis after recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado in 2012.

In her first study, McGrath found that CBD was well-tolerated in animals in certain amounts.

She’s completed several studies since, which are being reviewed before being published to the public.

The results from her preliminary study showed such promise, however, that the American Kennel Club awarded her $350,000 in funding to begin a three-year crossover study.

American Veterinarian Medical Association (AMVA) spokesperson Michael San Filippo told CNBC in an email that the organization does not have a position directly related to cannabis products for pets.

So, while the AMVA’s position isn’t quite clear, this hasn’t stopped several vets across the country from recommending it to their patients.

After our female dog had knee surgery, our vet asked us if we were familiar with CBD, maintaining that it would be excellent to give her after she has finished up with her prescription meds.

Here’s the thing. CBD could be exactly what your dog needs to help eradicate that thunderstorm anxiety.

But before you rush out and buy all the latest CBD products for pets, it’s vital you talk to your vet.

Starting your dog out on anything new (regardless if it’s natural or not), should always be discussed with your dog’s doc beforehand.

What About CBD Dosage for Dogs?

How much CBD should you give your dog for thunderstorm anxiety?

Dosing CBD is a common concern with humans and animals alike. When it comes to dogs, just how much CBD should they take?

In a Project CBD article , Oakland-based veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter explains how to use cannabis to treat pain and inflammation in pets.

While thunderstorm anxiety is a different issue than pain and inflammation, Richter’s recommendations can also be used for pets who suffer during storms.

For CBD dosing, Richter recommends 0.5-5mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight twice a day.

He advises to start low and increase the dose every 4-7 days, contending that frequent doses near the lower end of the range are effective.

He also says that higher doses of CBD could be beneficial in some situations.

Like with humans, it’s best to start low and go slow when it comes to administering CBD to your dogs for thunderstorm anxiety.

We personally give our dogs CBD for different reasons.

When it comes to anxiety, our male dog reigns king. He could even be scared of his own shadow. All 75 pounds of him.

We’ve found that 20mg twice a day is his sweet spot and that CBD has seemed to seriously help calm his frazzled nerves.

Our female dog is a bit smaller and receives 15mg twice a day to help her maintain healthy joints and keep that knee in the best shape possible.

We’re also hoping it works preventatively as there’s a 50% chance her other knee could go at any time.

You know your dog better than anyone else. Use Dr. Richter’s guidelines as a starting point until you find the ultimate dosage for your own dog.

And yes, always, always, always talk to your vet before starting your dog on CBD.

Cbd oil treats for dogs thunderstorms

It’s the middle of a thunderstorm, and your dog is in full panic mode.

You try to help them relax by rewarding calming behavior and giving them a ‘safe’ place to hide. But that will only get you so far.

Once your dog is stimulated and full of adrenalin, it can be hard to stop them from chewing, scratching, or damaging your home. And it can be even harder to watch them deal with their anxiety alone.

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With the right tools, you don’t have to.

We’ve put together a quick guide that’ll show you how you can calm fear of storms with CBD.

What Is Storm Anxiety in Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs can experience a range of fear, anxiety, and phobias. In fact, as many as 40% of all dogs suffer from some form of separation anxiety.

But separation isn’t the only trigger for anxiety.

Dogs are often more in tuned to the environment than their owners. Because of this, sudden changes to their environment can trigger their anxiety. These changes can include things like a new addition to the family (like a new baby or new pet), new places, visual stimuli (like umbrellas), new surfaces (like grass or tile), and loud noises.

Storms can encompass many of those changes at the same time. This can lead to server anxiety in some dogs.

Symptoms of Storm Anxiety

But there’s a difference between a dog being startled by a thunderclap and a dog experiencing storm anxiety. If you don’t know what to look for, it can be hard to tell which kind of dog you have.

We’ve come up with a quick list to help you figure out if your dog is suffering from anxiety during loud storms.

Some of the symptoms of dog anxiety include the following:

  • Trembling
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Whimpering
  • Loss of appetite
  • Licking the lips (nervously)
  • Having accidents inside the house (even though their house trained)
  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Fidgeting

If you notice your dog displaying any of these behaviors during a storm, they might be suffering from anxiety.

Your dog might also try to hide if they get anxious during a storm. But it depends on the dog. Some might also become more clingy to you if they’re afraid.

How to Give Your Dog CBD

Though CBD functions in a similar way in dogs as it does in humans, dogs are more sensitive to CBD. That means you have to give them smaller doses than you would take yourself.

We’ve put together a few tips that’ll help you give CBD to your dog safely.

So let’s take a closer look at the dose size and the treatment methods below.

The Dosage

The exact dose size for your dog will depend on what type of CBD you give them. It’s a good idea to stick to CBD products design for pets.

Spend some time reading the instructions before giving anything to your dog. They’ll tell you how many mg to give your dog per pound of body weight. We recommend 1-2mg per 10 pounds of weight, so larger dogs will end up needing more CBD that smaller dogs.

We made up a complete serving size guide for CBD oil so you can find the right amount of CBD to give to your pet.

The Method

There are two main ways to give your dog CBD: you can use CBD oil or CBD infused dog treats.

The CBD dog treats are an easy and enjoyable way to give your dog a dose of CBD. Just give them the treat 30 minutes before their meal or before a thunderstorm hits.

CBD oil can be a little harder.

You can administer a few drops of CBD oil (follow the instructions for the recommended dose) directly into their mouth. But some dogs can be a little mouthy and mixing it in with a bit of food may be easier on both you and your dog. Note that it may take an extra 15- 30 minutes for the CBD to take effect if they ingest it rather than take it sublingually.


Anxiety is natural in dogs, and so is a fear of storms. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and watch them struggle on their own.

We have several CBD products specifically designed for dogs you can choose from.