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Cbd oil for working out reddit

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Fitness?

I have been doing as much research as I can on the positive affects of CBD on the body which assists numerous ailments such as muscle repair and acts as an Anti-inflammatory. What I have read about the bodies natural repair after a strenuous workout had led me to believe that inflammation is important to remove stimuli and initiate the healing process. Being that CBD is effective in muscle repair as well as an anti-inflammatory, would CBD be overall beneficial or not?

I’m hoping to find someone who has done more research than I who can explain to me the positive/negative effects to better my understanding.

I’m probably being ignorant, but is this the same as smoking weed and going to lift? Because when I smoke, which is rarely, I’m completely useless because the world starts spinning and I just end up falling asleep.

Does CBD inhibit muscle growth/repair?

I know in general that CBD is good for inflammation, and that chronic inflammation can hinder muscle recovery. However, is there a window of time where CBD could be counterproductive for weightlifting, by inhibiting acute muscle inflammation involved in the growth/repair process? I like to take CBD when I have pain or need to relax, but don’t know if I should avoid taking it the nights I have a workout – I want to get the most out of the work I put in.

I’ve searched a lot and only find how CBD over time indirectly affects muscle recovery (better sleep, lower cortisol, etc.) but my question has more to do with the timing in the short term.

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Lower your oral/sublingual regimen and vape/smoke it to get reactive relief.

good one. Also use topicals after workout as recovery.

Interesting. Somewhere on the internet, I just read that some doctors are recommending against taking naproxyn immediately after an injury, that instead they recommend waiting 48 hours after an injury before taking it. Apparently, there’s something beneficial about allowing the initial inflammation response.

Maybe the same strategy should be adapted to CBD.

I never exercised, myself, but I understand they recommend a gentle exercise one day, a medium exercise the 2nd day, and a strenuous exercise the 3rd day, then back to a gentle exercise the next day, to give the muscles a chance to heal from the strenuous exercise the day before. Maybe it would be an idea to avoid CBD immediately after the strenuous exercise.

For reference, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I did read that about the naproxyn.

CBD and Recovery

Can somebody who uses CBD for recovery elaborate on their experience with it? Also how much they take and when (pre or post training). I take fish oil and glucosamine, but I’d like an anti inflammatory other than Tylenol/Advil for my knees.

What you buy over the counter is garbage. It’s very low concentration, from unknown origin and unknown efficacy. If you were to mass-spec it, it may not even contain CBD.
I’ve been using CBD as a medical patient in the State of Florida for a good while, the ability to do-so has only been available for about the last year and a half. I use it specifically for reducing bowel inflammation and disc-related (L4-L5) inflammation and general well being. IT WORKS EXTREMELY WELL FOR THIS. I use this in conjunction with varying THC based medicines, inhaled vapor and topical cream.

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Additional data; the CBD that I use for inhalation comes from Trulieve or Surterra – all of their products are – by state mandate – tested for minimum and maximum levels of all cannabinoid compounds. They can only use their own plants for creation of their products, thus the source is ensured. It’s all tracked by the state, from the point when a seed goes into the ground to the point when the end product is dispensed to licensed patients (me).

More additional data on anti-inflammatory properties; I had rotator cuff surgery 7 weeks ago; specifically biceps tenodesis and some clean up work on the labrum. I’ve been doing weighted overhead work and front rack work for 2 weeks now. Was totally out of the sling after 2 weeks. I progressed so quickly that my PT’s had to call my ortho’s office twice to confirm that it’s OK for me to be doing what I’m doing at this stage.
Each day after the surgery, I was consuming somewhere between 20mg and 60mg of inhaled CBD – actual CBD, not just cutting oil. My 400mg CBD vapor cartridges probably contain more *real* CBD than an entire bottle of the shit you’d buy at walmart. BE SCRUPULOUS ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODIES.

My opinion: as dispensed by my local medical dispensaries, it definitely works to reduce inflammation. The delivery method you choose can cause varied effects. Inhalation is the most effective way to introduce this – or THC – into the bloodstream in a quick and effective manner without loss of product.

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