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Cbd oil for stuttering

Has anyone tried CBD oil/THC pills for their stutter?

Where it’s legal I suppose. I remember my buddy visited Colorado recently and brought me back what i think was some sort of THC pill. I took it and went to work (where I talk on the phone a lot) feeling a bit rebellious that day, but I ended up feeling great the whole day and I remember some great phone conversations and an almost complete lack of blocks. (for me , my stutter has turned into blocks as a get older, can almost be worse in a way sometimes hah)

Anyway I know there’s no “cure” for stuttering but I’m wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

Generally with weed, I speak calmly when I only smoke a little. When I’m stoned, my Speech is significantly worse :/

CBD oil worsens my stutter

I tried cbd gummies. Honestly never saw that big of a difference. Bought 2 bags. Started with the recommended dose and felt nothing. Ate the second bag all at once and just got tired.

Yea I mean I don’t remember necessarily “feeling” anything crazy, just my speech seemed better. But it could have just been placebo or random I guess too

When I tried cannabis years ago it made me more self conscious of my stutter so I became really quiet for the whole night. Yay my awkward undergrad days.

Haven’t tried CBD oil yet. But I’ve heard good things about it for people’s health in general

cbd oil helps me just feel relaxed and i don’t get so anxious about speaking which in turn can sometimes help my blocks but i obviously still stutter

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I recently started using CBD oil 8:1 for really bad anxiety that was completely consuming me everyday. waking up at 4am with my heart beating and worrying about absolutely everything, it was ruining my life and i was desperate and didnt wanna get back on zoloft or any other anti depressant or meds because they make me extremely dull and not give a shit. so i tried CBD and within like 15 or 20 minutes my anxiety was COMPLETELY gone. I did 5 drops under the tounge in the morning and the evening. I thought it was bullshit and maybe just wishful thinking but after a few days it was still gone. And to top that of, i have had a speech impediment since i was younger, not horrible or anything but it was humiliating and i hated being around groups of people or family gatherings because i get tongue tied so much. Well after like 3 days of using the CBD oil i noticed i was talking without any effort, i literally just sail through my conversations now, i don’t need to stop in the middle to find a bridge word to get through a tough word or letter coming up. and its been almost a month now and i have had NO problems spitting out a single word. I completely had no idea CBD would do that, but for me it did, maybe because it took away anxiety and nervousness, or maybe it made my brain re-wire its-self or some shit, who knows, but regardless, i talk fine now.

Case Report: Cannabis Associated with Improvements in a Patient with Refractory Stuttering

Warsaw, Poland: The use of herbal cannabis is associated with marked improvements in a patient with treatment-resistant stuttering, according to a case report published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

A team of investigators affiliated with the Medical University of Warsaw (Poland) and with Hannover Medical School (Germany) presented the case of a 20-year-old male patient with refractory stuttering. Following the daily administration of vaporized plant cannabis, the patient exhibited sustained improvements in speech fluency and also reported benefits to his overall quality of life. The patient did not report any adverse side effects from cannabis over the one-year observational period.

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Authors reported: “[T]his is the first case report of a patient suffering from impairing and treatment-resistant stuttering, who markedly improved after treatment with medicinal cannabis. Based on patient’s self-report and reports of family and friends, as well as several established assessments, use of cannabis resulted not only in an improvement of stuttering but also remission of (social) anxiety, and reduced depression and stress, as well as improved sleep, attention, concentration, self-confidence, social life, and overall quality of life without any side effect. Importantly, treatment effects did not decrease over time.”

They concluded, “Medicinal cannabis could be effective in treatment of refractory stuttering, but these preliminary data have to be confirmed in controlled studies.”

While this is the first case report specific to the efficacy of cannabis in the case of a patient with a stuttering disorder, several prior studies have documented the ability of THC to improve symptoms in patients with Tourette Syndrome.

Full text of the study, “Cannabis improves stuttering: Case report and interview with the patient,” appears in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. Additional information on cannabis and TS is available from NORML.