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Cbd oil for stress reddit

CBD has SAVED my mental sanity at work.

I work in the tech industry in a very fast paced, loud, stressful environment. My boss is an irritating, power-hungry bitch. Prior to using CBD, I would stress out pretty much every day to the point that I wanted to punch people in the face. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression since age 10 and have been on antidepressants ~90% of my life since age 10. I’m 33.

Since using CBD one week ago, it’s like anything can happen and I’m fine with it (in a good way). Boss is bitching? No problem. The website broke and I have to fix it? No problem. Girlfriend chewed me out for no reason again? No problem. I’m able to calmly focus on solutions, rather than bathe myself in problems. It’s like I no longer have any physical response to stress. It’s a life changer.

If you have an anxiety problem or highly stressful job, I highly recommend you try CBD. Just talk to your doctor first. I am not a doctor, just someone who’s extremely happy to find something that finally balances me out.

Knock on wood. Let’s keep this going.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: I’m taking around 8mg per day (total per day), sublingually, of a full spectrum CBD tincture from CBDistillery. I administer it once in the morning, once at lunch, and once after work. I’m one of the lucky ones that responds incredibly well to even small doses. I’m very lucky.

My boss is an irritating, power-hungry bitch.

How to take CBD? Do you use the oil or vape? Same here. Work in tech and a lot of stress comes along with that.

Not OP but work in the same industry in a highly stressful environment and have suffered from panic/anxiety attacks on the job. I vape CBD e-juice and dry herb. Works wonders for me since I’ve been using it.

I take the oil sublingually or in caps @ 10mg a day, and between that and using a magnesium product called Calm, I haven’t had a single panic attack for 9 months. It’s been amazing, because before I was having 2-3 panic attacks a day. I find that 10 mg is the perfect dose for me, because more than that has a drowsy effect, like I’d rather just go take a nap! 🙂

Same experience here – minus the shitty boss and angry girlfriend. Also work in tech – CBD makes me better functioning at work and I can think clearly and not stutter when I’m trying to communicate an idea in a stressful situation. I’m using a full spectrum tincture with a 20:1 ratio

What’s your method of ingestion? Oral?

Excellent, I’m always glad to hear of another success story! Wish you all the best, Cheers.

For years I suffered from major depression and major anxiety. So much so at times I just couldn’t function in real life. Was always stuck in my head. CBD has changed my life. No longer do I stress out and the depression is few and far between. Daily I take cbd without thc in the form of gel caps. On top of that I found a 10:1 cbd to thc vape pen that works wonders

Where do you get your caps and vape pen? I’ve been increasingly depressed and stressed for 10 years now. I’m making an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss medication and therapy. In the meantime though I am cutting down my cannabis use and trying CBD to see if I can help my stability by still getting relaxation without the getting high.

Can I ask where you buy your cbd stuff?

what is your route of administration? inhalation or do you eat it? sublingual?isolate or extract in oil like most tinctures?

Out of interest, are you still taking SSRIs?

I reduced the dose from 75mg to 50mg as soon as I started taking CBD. So far no negative effects from that. My plan is a very slow ween and hopefully I’ll be free from them within a month or two. I’m taking Zoloft.

I wish this was my experience with CBD. I recently tried Bluebird Botanicals full-spectrum oil. The negative side effects outweighed the good for me. After a few hours of my first dose, my ears become very sensitive, resulting in irritability. This feeling reminds me of they way hydrocodone affects my auditory senses. The calming effect was great though. Perhaps an isolate would eliminate these unwanted effects.

I read recently on here that that particular brand, if you read the label, isn’t like pure? It had additives or something like that. I don’t exactly remember what was said, but my point is, don’t dismiss cbd. I’ve actually never tried it, I’m awaiting my first order from cbdistillery. I did SO much research on the effects of cbd & how different people reacted to whatever brand, bc like op, I’m 33, super stressed with high anxiety (mine is from mental illness though) & need relief. I’ve checked the differences in brands very recently, as my area has very little options at very high prices, & the shops didn’t really have much info on their products. I’ve come to the conclusion that cbdistillery is a good product at a great price, & nuleaf naturals is good as well, a little higher of a price. Those two stuck out the most for me. Even with shipping cbdistillery is cheaper (nuleaf has free shipping) & if you sign up for newsletters they give you a free shipping code. My order was the cheapest product (I don’t want to waste money if if it doesn’t work for me lol) $20 for 250mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, ordered Thursday & I am supposed it get it tomorrow (but now I’m a bit worried after reading that it may get lost, it being shipped USPS ). Super excited though!

CBD as stress relief?

First of all, I’m quite green when it comes to the use of CBD. I’ve read through the FAQ and I didn’t find what I was looking for so hopefully you can help me clarify something.

I’m a 6’4, ~ 200lbs young man with ADD and my main issue is being in fight or flight mode almost constantly. I see a therapist regularly that helps and my doctor advised me to try out CBD to pull me out of the near constant state of emergency, but since CBD being legal is quite new in Denmark he unfortunately couldn’t guide me much further.

I’ve bought a 200ml tincture of CBD oil with 0,75mg CBD per drop. The vendor told me to take 2 drops 3 times a day and see what happens. When I look up the correct dosages online they vary from website to website and most seem to focus on pain relief, as the subreddit FAQ mainly does.

It might be too much to ask but can anyone help me shed some knowledge on this? Wether it is anecdotal from similar experiences or some direct articles so I can read up on it is just fine.

Is CBD oil effective at treating anxiety/depression?

I noticed CBD oil is available without prescription. The pamphlet has a disclaimer saying they can only call it a food supplement and not a medicine for treating/curing ailments. This suggests that they have no evidence of their claims and it is unregulated because it is harmless. It seems like it might be another homeopathy type “cure”. I know that there is cannibas oils that are effective but it seems to me that some of them might not be. Can anyone please clarify if CBD is legit or if only the controlled versions are effective?