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Cbd oil for razor burn

CBD Oil Care for “Down There” – Relieving Razor Rash

Thankfully, CBD Oil and our step-by-step pampering tips are here to rescue your razor rash and beautify your bikini line.

For those of us who visit professionals for regular landscaping ‘down there’, this has caused a huge, hairy inconvenience!

Now we are faced with ingrown hair, shaving bumps, red-bumps, red-marks, uneven skin, bumpy skin, rashes, razor-burn, and a shower full of neverending razors. It’s just not cool!

We know that there are so many more important services that are absolutely essential, but when we want to jump into the pool while we’re self-isolating or show off something scandalous to our significant other?

The bumps and lumps that accompany shaving methods or hair-removal-creams just aren’t “cutting” it!

BUT.. we do have some great news! The team at Canandish found a DIY solution that will smooth out your scruffy bikini lines and bring some much-needed relief to those down-there-areas once and for all!

So while you’re waiting for your favorite salon or spa to open back up, try these suggestions on for size!

First Step: SCRUB!

We have a great CBD oil scrub. Before you start shaving or using hair-removal creams, gently exfoliate the bikini line area.

This helps to remove bacteria, build-up, and dead/old-skin.

Read how to make it here.

Second Step: Hot-Towel-Steam

Enjoy a gorgeous hot-towel-steam. Grab a soft hand-towel and get it as hot as you can stand it. While laying down or sitting on the edge of the tub, place this hot cloth on your private area and your freshly scrubbed bikini line.

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Let it work its magic by removing any toxins, softening the hair follicle, and allowing the pores to open up and breathe.

Once it has cooled, remove the towel, pat the area dry (no rubbing), and move on to the next step!

Step 3 – Remove the hair!

Shave your bikini line area or use your favourite hair removal cream.

Once your hair-removal is complete, you’ll move on to this next pampering step: Masking! An essential part of proper skin care – and yes, even for “down there”!

Step Four: Mask it!

Create our beautiful DIY Face Mask – which works just as great in those delicate regions down under. Click here for the full recipe.

Once you’ve completed step #4 and gently washed off the mask with your towel, the last step is to apply a small amount of straight-up CBD oil.

Just a few drops on your bikini area will soothe the skin, and seal in moisture. Make sure you massage it in circular motions using your ring finger ( the gentlest of your fingers) so you don’t cause any irritation.

If you have sensitive skin, just wait a little while before applying the CBD oil – some areas of our bodies are way more delicate than others, and that includes the bikini line.

If you’re using a hair-removal cream, wait a few minutes and do something else (pluck, watch Netflix, go on Tik Tok) then apply a small amount at first as a test. If it feels great like we know it will you can continue to massage it in.

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We suggest doing this a few times a week – especially while you wait for the spas to open.

Let us know how it worked for you and if you noticed a positive difference as we did!

CBD Coconut Oil for Shaving

Is there anything sexier than a man with a beard? Ummm, hell no. No offense to the clean shaven man, but I take mine a bit scruffy. To each his own.

Whether you shave your head, your neck, your entire face, your legs, armpits or back… this article is for you – so keep reading!

Who here has experienced razor burn? Hands up! Whether you are male or female, razor burn sucks and hurts. And it comes from not properly lubricating your skin/razor, dragging razors on your skin and irritating it. We know it sucks, but we still do it. We get rashes, cuts and ingrown hairs.

No fear, I have a few solutions for you.

You can go buy cans of shaving cream, body washes or other chemically created products. But I don’t like putting those products on my skin, let alone my face (PS- I don’t shave my face. just letting you know all my skincare products are clean/natural/not full of chemicals).

So back to the point. I have the perfect shaving solution. There are two amazing ingredients out there called Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) and coconut oil – natural and transformative for your skin.

Why Use CBD Oil for Skin?

I discovered the benefits of CBD oil on skin when used on someone with eczema. Don’t worry, you won’t get high, just experience the health benefits of it.

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Yes CBD can be beneficial for those with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

By using CBD products you can help dry skin by hydrating it, reducing itching, irritation, razor burn, and shaving bumps (ingrown hairs).

Hemp/CBD Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be very beneficial in providing anti-inflammatory effects. Add in the power of CBD and you have a powerhouse natural product without chemicals to help reduce razor burn!

And let me tell you a little secret. The CBD Topicals may be helpful in reducing signs of razor burn and shave bumps on the bikini line too!

Make Your Own!

If you are the DIY’er, take about two tablespoons coconut oil, add in 1-2 teaspoons Full Spectrum Oil or a 1/2 rice size of FECO You can add other essential oils or terpenes for antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Apply liberally to skin and watch your razor glide over every crease, crack and crevice with ease and no pain.