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Cbd oil for pemphigus in dogs

Autoimmune Disease in Dogs: Holistic Treatment

As an option now being explored by dog owners and veterinarians alike, understanding why CBD oil can be so effective for treatment requires a brief exploration into the nature of the immune system, how it works, and its best means of support. Finding the best CBD oil for dogs is a matter of finding the best producer.

Autoimmune disease in dogs is a result of their immune system losing its ability to distinguish between normal and foreign cells. This misperception causes the immune system to attack otherwise healthy cells. The effect is a degradation of whatever system is under siege. Diseases related to autoimmunity can affect any system in your dog’s body.

One of the most prevalent autoimmune diseases found in dogs is autoimmune thyroiditis , an epidemic among canines.

In the case of autoimmune thyroiditis, the immune system misperceives healthy thyroid gland cells as foreign bodies and begins killing them. The thyroid is a gland that secretes crucial hormones that, among other important functions, help to regulate metabolism and body temperature. Once enough healthy cells are gone, the thyroid becomes incapable of producing hormones and symptoms begin to show.

Early symptoms of autoimmune thyroiditis are subtle and can mimic those of other diseases. Most commonly reported telltale signs include weight gain, digestive disorders and behavioral changes.

While the causes of autoimmune thyroiditis in dogs are debated among researchers and veterinarians, a few suspects that have risen to the top, including:


A recent MSU study revealed that certain breeds are more likely to develop autoimmune thyroiditis and that breeding is at least partially responsible for the epidemic. Additionally, dogs that possess one or more autoimmune diseases are prone to develop other ones. Autoimmune diseases are self-perpetuating.


The same study showed a prevalence of autoimmune thyroiditis in populations that had been vaccinated for various ailments. While vaccines can be effective for preventing disease, vaccines can also render you dog’s immune system hyperactive; possibly resulting in an autoimmune disease.


Some veterinarians argue that the use of collars instead of harnesses can cause autoimmune thyroiditis. The location of the thyroid gland is in the throat. Continuous irritation results in an inflammatory response and the immune system kicks-in to rectify the situation. Continued collar use results in continuous irritation, which shifts the immune system into overdrive and autoimmune thyroiditis can be the result.

CBD and Inflammation

Many of the symptoms for which CBD oil is being used to treat include a component of inflammation. Joint pain, skin rashes and swelling are all examples of an inflammatory response.

Inflammation is a condition often shared by autoimmune and non-autoimmune diseases alike. For instance, the conditions of arthritis, encephalitis, and lupus are all inflammatory in nature. Therefore, treatments that are anti-inflammatory can effectively alleviate symptoms and potentially reverse the condition.

CBD oil (made from hemp) is among the most potent, naturally occurring anti-inflammatories known to date and research continues to show how effective it can be on your dog’s overall health. The buck doesn’t stop at inflammation. CBD oil has been shown to help manage pain and seizures , alleviate cancer symptoms , increase mobility and decrease anxiety —to name only a few uses for CBD oil for dogs.

Why is CBD oil so effective for dogs?

CBD oil is a plant source of cannabinoids that can act as a booster for your dog’s own endocannabinoid system and can help support all its functions.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system . Functions the endocannabinoid system support include appetite, memory, stress response, sleep, body temperature and the immune system.

Cannabinoids are the building blocks of the endocannabinoid system and are naturally occurring substances in your dog’s body.

Perhaps the most important systems CBD can support are the central nervous system (which includes stress response) and the immune system. These two systems work together to keep your dog in a state of homeostasis (or balance) and CBD oil helps lubricate both.

The best CBD oil for autoimmune disease in dogs

Introducing CBD into your dog’s diet early in life helps to establish a healthy foundation. Treating a condition that is already advanced is a lot harder than preventing it in the first place. As the saying goes, “the best offence is a good defence”.

The market is now flooded with a multitude of CBD products. Ointments, salves, lotions (to name just a few) are among topical CBD products now available. On the ingestible side of CBD there are pills, edibles, oils and tinctures.

Sorting through them all and finding the right fit for your dog can feel overwhelming. Topicals can be effective when used directly on conditions like skin rashes and inflamed joints. The problem with topicals is that the symptom is being treated and not the underlying cause.

The best CBD for dogs comes in the form of ingestible products sourced from a reputable manufacturer. For convenience some producers have created dog treats, which is a great way to introduce CBD into your dog’s diet. The results can be profound and are worth exploring .

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What Conditions Can Cannabis Treat In Dogs and Animals?

Cannabis Dog Treats With CBD Take Off With Pet Owners

What Conditions Can Cannabis Treat In Dogs and Animals?

Cannabis consumption is at an all-time high – not just for humans, but for dogs too. This is good news for all of us dog lovers, especially because that whole 7 to 1 ratio is a problem so we’ll do anything to extend the lifespan of our furry companions.

A quick Google search of “cannabis products for pets” will yield dozens of results. There are several reputable brands out there who have successfully developed hemp and CBD products for Max and his friends. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system too, so it’s wrong to think that they can’t benefit from cannabis in the same way we do.

There’s a ton of CBD products out there for dogs and they won’t get high, but how exactly can they help?

Slow Down Aging And Protect Brain Health

If you’ve ever witnessed your beloved dog growing old and slowing down, you know how heartbreaking it is. It can’t be helped; just like humans, dogs will age and slow down too both physically and mentally. But with some cannabis you can help make their golden years a little more bearable while helping to make them strong.

What we know of as Alzheimer’s disease is known as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in animals. This condition causes animals to experience significantly reduced functioning especially in the cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. Aging animals also have more microglia and plaque deposits in the brain, which lead to inflammation.

Since cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, this helps protects brain cells of your dog. One study showed that when rats were administered with cannabinoids, they performed better in tests analyzing their mental ability despite the presence of plaque. The researchers found that the presence of cannabinoids helped activate the microglia which led to a decrease in inflammation and helped preserve their mental function.


Pets can suffer from anxiety too. The biggest factors that contribute to stress on pets is when they have to leave home or separate from their owners, encountering strange situations or people, thunder, fireworks, and more. If you know how debilitating anxiety can be, imagine what it’s like for our pets. Giving your pet cannabis products made specially for them right before you expose them to their known triggers will help them more effectively deal with their anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the most well-documented conditions that cannabis can cure. In a 2014 study conducted by the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research: “the anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties of CBD stand out. CBD’s anxiolytic effects are apparently similar to those of approved drugs to treat anxiety.”

Autoimmune Conditions

Dogs are prone to disorders affecting the immune system, especially as they get older. These disorders include lupus, retinal degeneration syndrome, anemia, thyroiditis, and pemphigus. Cannabinoids impact almost every aspect of the immune system, and in the medical community it is believed that inflammation triggers immune responses. When your pooch has cannabinoids in his system that can decrease inflammation, this can be a preventive measure in slowing down these conditions later on in life.


Both cats and dogs are vulnerable to developing diabetes too. In animals, this condition is much more difficult to treat due to the lack of options available for treating diabetic animals. However if you have CBD products on hand this can help. Inflammation yet again is the culprit in diabetes, which CBD will be beneficial in preventing and treating.


Arthritis is a common condition affecting both cats and dogs. Even your pets can suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Giving your pets CBD medication can make the symptoms of arthritis more tolerable, just like how it helps humans. CBD products work effectively in targeting arthritis because this is a condition caused and exacerbated by inflammation, which this cannabinoid is particularly powerful at addressing. Additionally, CBD also helps protect joints from further damage by inhibiting the release of tumor necrosis which is responsible for destruction and inflammation in joints.


CBD and many other cannabinoids in the plant have powerful antibacterial properties that can benefit your pet by providing them with added protection from common bacteria especially the staphylococcus aureaus commonly known as MRSA. This condition also afflicts humans, but it’s just as painful and debilitating for pets.


Cannabis has been helpful in preventing and treating cancer, as well as making chemotherapy treatments more manageable. The same goes for dogs, who are also at risk for developing cancer. Since 1998, it’s been well-known that cannabis is useful in inducing cell death among cancer cells, even in rare cases including glioma. Giving your pets cannabis products can help prevent and treat the big C as well.

Bone Health

Even your pets can suffer from bone loss and broken bones especially as they age. CB2 receptors are also found in the skeletal system, and when you supplement your dog’s diet with cannabis-infused products you can help minimize bone loss and encourage bone formation. Studies show that CBD was effective in preventing bone loss among older rodents, and it also helped speed up the healing process even after fractures in treated animals.