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Cbd oil for moon rocks

What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

I thought the same too, but when I got and tried the moon rock, I was left in awe and couldn’t agree less with those who have dubbed it the most potent CBD product on the market.

CBD moon rocks are CBD hemp flowers drenched in CBD oil and dusted with terpene rich kief. They are doubly potent and offer an almost instantaneous hit when consumed.

In this article, I would discuss everything you need to know about CBD moon rocks and how they can benefit you.

How Are CBD Moon Rocks Made?

CBD Moon Rocks are composed of three main components:

Solventless CBD Oil

To make CBD moon rocks, freshly cut hemp CBD are gathered together, trimmed, manicured and dried. Once properly cured, the dried dense hemp bud is dipped in pure CBD oil and just after dipping, the dripping bud is dusted with terpene rich kief.

The final product is a dense, almost hard green rock-like substance that offers some of the very best CBD hits you would ever experience on your CBD journey.

How Potent Are CBD Moon Rocks?

To determine the potency of CBD moon rocks, you first have to take into consideration the potency of the hemp flower that is used. Generally, hemp contains about 14-22% of CBD and so, the higher the potency of the hemp flower, the more potent the CBD moon rock made from it is likely to be.

Now, add that to the CBD potency of a solvent less CBD oil. Solvent less CBD oils potency ranges from 35-99% CBD and this is dependent on the extraction method used in its processing.

CBD isolates are often the most potent and can contain up to 99% purity levels. Combined with potent CBD flowers, should give you an idea of what to expect from the moon rock.

Finally, the dripping mixture is dusted with terpene-rich kief. The kief is a rich mixture of loose trichrome resin obtained by a tumbling process.

Naturally, during harvest, kief is produced as the flowers are cut and bounced off each other. Some of the rich resin on the bud becomes loosened in the process and falls to the base as a dust mixture.

The resin is rich is strong powerful flavors and is also highly potent with rich terpenes and entourage cannabinoids.

The final moon rock contains an average of 50% CBD.

How Can You Consume CBD Moon Rocks?

The beauty of CBD Moon Rocks lies in its simplicity. CBD moon rocks can be smoked or vaped like regular hemp flower. To smoke it, chip a little from it, and mix it with your joint. Roll up and puff away. If vaping is your thing, place a small portion in the chamber and fire at low temperature to release the rich terpenes.

What Are The Effects of CBD Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks do precisely what you expect, give an almost instantaneous hit. CBD moon rocks do not produce any psychoactive effect rather they produce a wholesome wellness effect and relaxation.

Below are some conditions that would benefit from a hit of CBD moon rock.

And So Much More

How Do CBD Moon Rocks Compare to THC Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks differ from THC moon rocks by their composition. CBD moon rocks are rich in CBD while THC moon rocks are rich in THC.

While THC moon rocks are likely to cause a psychoactive reaction, CBD moon rocks are the opposite. They do not cause any psychoactive reactions rather they produce a therapeutic effect that is good for different demographics of people.

Where Can You Buy CBD Moon Rocks Online?

Moon rocks are more than just a fun space-themed gift. It’s one of the most exciting ways to enjoy CBD! And if you want to try CBD moon rock, you won’t find any that are better than the ones from Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary!

Each one of our moon rocks has a 33% CBD content. This high level of CBD means you experience even more of the amazing benefits you’re used to loving from CBD. You usually won’t get this same high CBD content from other CBD products, like tinctures.

Moon rocks are perfect for smoking. Whether you’re hoping to reduce chronic pain, improve your mental health, or anything else, you can expect to experience fast effects. They’re super-potent, so they are also perfect if you’re someone who has built up a tolerance to other forms of CBD.

Have you tried CBD Moon rocks before? If so, let us know how your experience was in the comments!

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How to Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

Are you searching for the ultimate high? You know the kind. You can’t feel your face. Your mouth is so dry you’re too scared to swallow, and your body has completely melted into whatever piece of furniture you managed to crawl yourself into.

The ultimate high. The high to end all highs. If that’s something you’re looking for, Moon Rocks could be just what you have been searching for. If you haven’t tried Moon Rocks yet, then you could be in for a treat, but beware, Moon Rocks aren’t for the faint-hearted, and there’s a steep learning curve!

In the following article, we’re going to breakdown what Moon Rocks are, where they came from, how they’re are made, and how you can make your own Moon Rocks! If you are looking for cannabis products in San Francisco, then Mission Cannabis is your number one cannabis dispensary in San Francisco and offers cannabis delivery to the greater San Francisco area.

What are Moon Rocks?

There isn’t a clear timeline on who created Moon Rocks and where they came from, but there is a little bit of trail if you follow the breadcrumbs. It’s rumored that Moon Rocks first appeared in a dispensary known as Starbudz760. West Coast rapper Kurupt popularized Moon Rocks, even going as far as trademarking his own version known as Kurupt Moonrock.

A Moon Rock starts with a simple cannabis bud. Cannabis connoisseurs like to use Girl Scout Cookies (GCS), but any high THC strain of cannabis will work. The cannabis bud is then dipped or sprayed directly with hash oil. While it’s still wet and sticky, the whole thing is then rolled in kief. Sounds delicious!

How strong are Moon Rocks?

How strong your Moon Rocks are will ultimately depend on who you purchased them off or who made them. The building block of your Moon Rocks is the cannabis bud. Most cannabis strains average around 20% THC, but some can go as high as 25-30%.

Most users agree that Moon Rocks are about 50% THC. However, you look at it, taking a hit off Moon Rocks will blow your mind.

What’s it like smoking Moon Rocks?

When you hit Moon Rocks, you’re going to get a delicious, terpene-rich flavor of kief that instantly makes your mouth start watering. You’ll get some big fluffy, dense, and intense clouds of smoke every time you fire up a Moon Rock.

We know, what’s the high like? Intense. Strong. Powerful. Imagine being hit by a freight train packed full of cannabis. That’s what it’s like when you smoke Moon Rocks. The high from Moon Rocks starts off slowly and lulls you into a false sense of security. You’ll feel high, really high, don’t get us wrong, but it’s just the beginning.

About thirty-minutes after first smoking your Moon Rock, you’re going to realize that you’re a lot higher than you ever imagined. It’s about now that any inexperienced smokers are starting to hit that ‘what have I just done’ stage of the high. If you know what it’s like to get super high, strap yourself in for the ride and enjoy it.

How to make Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks aren’t super complicated. With access to a high-quality cannabis dispensary such as Mission Cannabis Club in San Francisco, you’ll be able to get everything you need. As an added bonus, Mission Cannabis Club also offers cannabis delivery, so you can get what you need to be sent straight to your home.

All you need to create Moon Rocks is the following cannabis supplies:

  • Your favorite strain of cannabis flower/bud.
  • Your favorite type of hash oil or concentrate.
  • Scrap up some kief from your grinder (always save it).
  • Some tweezers or small tongs to grab your bud and a liquid dropper.

How to make your Moon Rocks

  1. Get your bud – Start off with your bud. The denser, the better, will help hold the Moon Rock together as you go through the different steps.
  2. Time for your concentrate or hash oil – You want to gently heat your concentrate until it’s liquidy enough to use a dropper. Fill the dropper with your concentrate and completely cover the exterior of the bud. Don’t dip your bud in the concentrate because if you get it too wet, it’s going to take much longer to dry and be harder to smoke.
  3. Roll it – Now, take the bud and gently roll it back and forth in the kief until your entire bud is covered in the Kief. That’s it! Let it dry somewhere warm and dry, and when it’s completely dry again, it’s ready to smoke.

How to smoke your Moon Rocks

We just want to start off by reiterating that Moon Rocks are best left to experienced smokers as they can be an intense and long-lasting high. In the next section, we’ll take a look at different ways that you can enjoy Moon Rocks and how you can prepare yourself for the Moon Rock experience.

The ultimate way to enjoy Moon Rocks is with some premium glassware. You’re not smoking regular cannabis bud here; it deserves and requires a little extra love and attention. You’ll need to tear apart your Moon Rock piece by piece, and they’re generally a little bit sticky icky.

You may be thinking here that you could use a pre-roll or rolling paper, but we’d advise against it. Of course, if you really want to, you can, but glass is better. Moon Rocks don’t burn like regular cannabis and can be a little messy and annoying on a rolling paper. However, if you crumble up your Moon Rock and sprinkle it lightly on a regular cannabis flower, it will burn better.

What are Moon Rocks – Conclusion

Clear your schedule. Seriously. If you have a busy day ahead of you, then don’t smoke Moon Rocks. If you have any intention of getting anything remotely productive done, don’t smoke Moon Rocks. If you think you’re up for the challenge and ready to climb aboard the Moon Rock express, then get ready for a wild ride! Remember, start off slowly and take your time. A little bit goes a long way, and if you overindulge, you’re going to regret it a few hours later.