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Cbd oil brands for cat reddit

CBD for cats?

Hello all? Has anyone tried using CBD oil for their cat? Mine seems to be suffering from anxiety which is making life stressful for the whole family. Has anyone had any experiences with CBD oil for cats? Treats vs oil? Brands? Thanks!

Have you asked your vet the same question?

If your cat is anxious, bring them to the vet to rule out any medical explanation for the behavior. Also any environmental explanation for the behavior. If it’s something that can be fixed, doing so first is better. After your vet visit, there would be nothing wrong to ask them about what options do you have and if CBD oil would be recommended for the cat

PSA: When buying CBD oil for your pet, check the ingredients! Don’t take the budtender’s word for it.

The Farmer’s Market in Denver sold my husband CBD oil to help ease our elderly cat’s pain and stress. My husband was skeptical at first because the packaging didn’t indicate that the oil was specifically for pets, but the budtender assured him that it was 100% safe for cats.

When my husband brought home the oil, I checked the ingredient list. It was loaded with essential oils that are toxic to animals: lavender, citrus, mint, etc. We were so upset. What if we just took the budtender’s word for it and gave our cat the oil? It would’ve poisoned her and possibly killed her (since she’s so old).

My husband brought the oil back to the store the following morning and got a refund.

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Just reminding y’all that budtenders aren’t vets. Not all of them know what’s safe for pets. Do your own research before giving your pets CBD oil.

On a related note, do you guys have any recommendations for CBD oil for pets? The safest brands? The stores with the best prices? Thank you!

The Farmer’s Market is one of the worst pot shops. Don’t trust them to provide sound advice and quality products. I order cbd oil for my dogs online to save money so idk what’s good or cheap around here. Try Canna World Market idk about their prices.

I’m not a fan of The Farmer’s Market either (their management is so awful and rude) but it was late and we were desperate. My cat was in a lot of pain that night. We ended up taking her to the vet the next day and she’s doing great now. However, we still want to get CBD oil for her anyway.

Thanks for your recommendation! I’ll check them out.

Why not CBD from pet stores? Suzie’s is a local brand and the hemp is from ft Collins.

I wasn’t sure if pet stores sold CBD oil. Good to know that they do. I’ll check out Suzie’s. Thank you!

when i was budtending i hated when people would ask me about stuff for their pets. i would always let people know “this is safe for people but i have no idea about pets. make sure you talk to your vet before you give your pet anything”. and people would get legit angry about it! like bro. my job is to know about weed for people.

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Totally understandable. We didn’t expect the budtender to know anything about CBD for pets. We just wanted the budtender to point to a CBD product just for pets, if they carried anything. If the budtender admitted that he didn’t know anything about pets, my husband would’ve been totally OK with it. Instead, he pushed the CBD/essential oil stuff and persisted when my husband expressed doubt. Not cool at all.

Infusiasm makes a line of pet tinctures that are very basic and designed for pets as does ReLeaf (theirs is called Creature Comfort).

If the manufacturer can’t provide a QoA, don’t buy it for your pet. This is the Quality of Analysis report by a third party that confirms what’s actually in the CDB. Use it with a fragrance free carrier oil. No scents, nothing extra.

Wife is a senior tech in a veterinary oncology clinic, and they often prescribe CBD treatment.

This is really useful information. Thank you! I was a little apprehensive about giving my cat “unregulated medicine” and possibly overdosing her.

“Bud tenders aren’t vets”

Almost forgot, thanks for the reminder! 🙂

Haha, I know it’s obvious. It’s just that some of them are pretty convincing and will pretend to know stuff just to make sales. I would hate to see someone’s fur baby get hurt or sick as a result of a budtender’s lack of knowledge about CBD oil and pets.

Just look for any unflavored MCT based tincture, that’s what most “pet” tinctures are anyway. Discovercbd has a few locations, I’m sure they sell something of the sort.

If you want CBD oil for your pets, don’t even go to a dispensary. Most products in dispensaries (until next year) only carry stuff with THC in it, which your pets don’t need.

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I learned that the hard way. It was almost midnight and no place was open except The Farmer’s Market. I really thought that dispensaries carried CBD products. The CBD oil they sold to my husband contained THC too and I was shocked that the budtender thought it was something you could give to a cat. WTF?

i see alot of blind faith in budtenders on here. thats a very bad approach. very few represent the industry properly and dont have the actual knowledge to answer most of these questions. they are not doctors or vets or lawyers or anything else. most of the info they have is based on hearsay and experience and listening to others. where that can be useful for a lot of things, trusting them and actually putting that weight on them to PRESCRIBE you stuff, is just not in their field for true medical stuff, whether that is animals or humans. thats not their fault either though because there really isnt any true research to back up most claims Yet.

above all understand that every dispensary must provide product that at least has a certain minimum amount of thc in it. looking for 100% cbd is not allowed. that will have to be found else where.

best of luck next time! please dont hold anything against that budtender.