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Can i buy cbd oil for my dog in canada

CBD oil for dogs Canada: top 3 CBD products for pets in 2021

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. So, surely, you want what is best for your furry pal, especially when they are in discomfort from anxiety.

A quick dose of CBD oil might just be the fix that helps with your dog’s crippling anxiety. However, finding the right product is becoming increasingly difficult ever since CBD startups began popping all over the country. Which one should you even trust?!

To add insult to the injury, the science behind CBD oil for dogs remains inconclusive. Not because there is no hope, but because this is a relatively new concept.

Some sellers may take advantage of the mystery that shrouds CBD oil and try to entice pet owners with different marketing gimmicks. Needless to say, be wary of titillating offers such as multiple flavors of CBD oil treats being sold at throwaway prices. More often than not, the CBD in these kinds of deals are derived from low-quality hemp.

Yet, there’s no reason to fret – this guide has put together all the warning signs to watch out for! Even more importantly, after months of studying anecdotal evidence and extensive research, we have shortlisted the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada!

CBD For Dogs: How We Made This List?

A daunting task was at hand when it came to finding the best of this mysterious stress-reliever for pets. Usually, with other products, our first move would be to cross-check reviews and follow up on user surveys.

However, as we all know – dogs cannot talk or share their experience (wish they could, right?). So, our team settled on collecting owner’s notes, interviewing veterinarians, and studying these alongside the minimal objective studies available.

After multiple interviews with veterinarians and experts on CBD trends, it was clear that this new wave of CBD pet care will not slow down. Unsurprisingly, pet owners have started stocking CBD oil for pets in medicine cabinets, and vets already have go-to prescriptions and recommendations.

From here, we began framing up a list of all the tried-and-tested CBD oil products – striking off any that have had a history of adverse effects on dogs. The remaining options were put through our very own test of quality, and the list was finally shortened to only 3 finalists.

Our considerations and quality control itself were based on what CBD experts, vets, pet caregivers, and nutritionists deemed as important factors. These included:

  • Pet’s responses to a specific brand’s product
  • Transparency of product details on website
  • Product and brand’s reputation and reviews
  • Ingredients in the product – whether they include allergens or artificial additives
  • Quality control and certification
  • Access to dosage guide or instruction manual
  • The source of the hemp, and whether it is grown organically.
  • Third-party lab testing to check purity

Top 3 Best CBD Oil For Dogs Canada Wide:

#1. CBDNorth CBD Oil for Dogs : Top Rated & High-Quality CBD Oil For Pets

From yoga instructors and health coaches, to stay-at-home moms of four and dog-parents, CBDNorth has been receiving love from every corner of Canada.

Most of them swear by this brand of CBD oil for their joint pains, headaches, insomnia, and much more. Interestingly, this CBD oil enjoys a fan following among those with arthritis – a common illness among many elderly dogs.

So, it should not come as a surprise that our first product is targeted at those pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with arthritis, or suffer from chronic joint pains. And it’s not just limited to mobility issues, it is also an instant treatment for canine anxiety – if the positive mood changes in otherwise anxious dogs are to be believed!

Apart from truly helping four-legged friends of Canada and their owners, CBDNorth is a truly local brand that stays close to pure goodness. Their CBD oil for dogs has been sourced organically from home-grown hemp that is pure and effective at the same time.

To turn this medicine for dogs into a tasty treat, the CBD oil has been formulated with Wild Alaskan salmon that is known for providing those healthy Omega-3 fats. No more fussy-eating and all the benefits of organic medicine – this one is a true win-win.

In case you do run into any problem, an e-mail to the caring customer service will be met with a prompt reply. Their loyal customers are full of praises and stories about their experiences with the courteous staff.

A. Multiple Uses

The uses of this CBD oil range from chronic issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis to sleeplessness and anxiety. One can say that the products of these brands have been tested on humans, and the same relieving effects have been observed in dogs.

Moreover, dogs are as emotional as their owners, and they are often subject to issues such as separation anxiety and hypersensitivity to noise or crowds. Or perhaps, your pet shows signs of stress and aggression before each vet visit.

Anyhow, at times like these, it may be soothing for both canine and humans involved in the activity if the dog is treated with a dose of this formula.

B. Lab-Tested

Effectiveness aside, it is crucial that any product is safe to use on your pets. And for this, word of mouth and anecdotal references are not sufficient – concrete medical evidence is far more reliable. After all, each dog’s body will react differently to the same product.

Fortunately, the makers at CBDNorth have a transparent website that provides sufficient details about ingredient lists and third-party lab tests. The company has also provided a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis that guarantees objective information pertaining to its quality and results of rigorous lab tests.

Evidently, this product has been tested for microbes, pesticides, solvents, and the presence of other foreign matter. Moreover, the CBD oil has recorded a concentration of 99.46% of total CBD – which is a pretty good marker of its purity. And, to top it all off, they promote canine wellness without any THC!

C. Taste And Health In One

Ever wondered why pets enjoy the commercial snacks and treats that are sold at discounts? There is reason to believe that this is because pet food is the equivalent of junk food for humans!

Loaded with taste enhancers and artificial flavors – a huge chunk of such products lack any real nutritional value. The same goes for many newcomers in the CBD oil market that are looking to make a quick buck.

On the other hand, CBDNorth has taken the time and care to put together a CBD oil made from all-natural ingredients that are healthy and delicious at the same time.

Salmon, the main ingredient in this product, is known for being a fatty fish that is high in Omega 3’s. And, as you might be aware, these healthy fats are good for the heart and for maintaining a luscious coat. Not to mention how, contrary to popular belief, dogs also enjoy eating fish just as much as cats!

  • Effective for physical and mental wellness
  • Transparent website and third-party lab results
  • Flavorsome all-natural ingredients
  • Informative dosage guide
  • 45% discount on orders for those in need
  • Titled as #1 for manufacturing the best CBD oil in Canada
  • Free shipping only above 99$

#2. CBD2HEAL Pets CBD Oil Tincture : Runner Up

Smoky, crispy, delicious, fatty, and aromatic – bacon is everything that most dogs love to eat. No doubt then to say that the makers at CBD2HEAL made an excellent flavor choice for their CBD oil.

In fact, if you have struggled with finding a CBD oil that tastes light and fresh, you can empathize with a pet – who is probably fussier about eating. Moreover, dogs have a heightened sense of smell, and the earthy aroma of CBD oil may not indicate that it is a delicious treat.

Nevertheless, this mouthwateringly ‘bacon-y’ CBD oil has come out of a lab where experts and chemists in the field of CBD have fine-tuned the product to be safe for pets. A quick look at the Certificate of Analysis will show that the product is made up of 99% CBD, extracted from pure Canadian-grown hemp.

Apart from this, the company has a loyal fanbase and overwhelmingly good reviews for its fast delivery, clean packaging, reasonable prices, and free shipping. Moreover, the company offers a subscription plan that will slash down your expenditure even further.

A. Easy Access to Resources

After going through pages and pages of CBD oil manufacturers, obvious tell-tale signs of the most trustworthy brands begin to highlight themselves. One of these is website transparency and easy access to important documents such as third-party test results and dosage guides.

With that in mind, you don’t have to snoop around much before putting your trust into this company. All relevant information such as test results and ingredient lists are provided in the welcoming and easy-to-navigate website.

What’s more, the CBD oil itself is packed up in pre-measured doses of 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg. As expected, the store’s page is informative and provides references regarding the size of dogs, and the degree of severity that each bottle can cater to.

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B. Crafted By Experts

If you are still not sold by all the labels that guarantee a GMO-free and organic CBD oil for your beloved pet, then check out the makers of the product!

Actual chemists and researchers have brought together their knowledge and expertise to concoct this CBD oil. In fact, the team is led by a chemist who has had over 10 years of experience working in a research facility in Japan.

Anyhow, this product has received the approval of hundreds of vets as a safe solution for pets. Possibly what makes it a great prescription is that the formula is totally free of THC and has natural ingredients like MCT oil, which is known to maximize the health of young pups.

C. Cost-Effective

First off, this brand of CBD oil is available in 3 different doses, depending on the size of your pet. This means buyers don’t have to buy more than they require – a move which is welcome in a market where manufacturers are always pushing to sell as many products as possible.

Moreover, with the subscription plan, buying their products comes at a steal – especially when compared with other competitors in the market. Suffice to say, the efforts to make this wonder treatment accessible to all dogs is truly a mission of nobility!

Free shipping all over Canada, regardless of the quantity you are purchasing, only reinforces buyers’ trust in the company.

  • Easily accessible relevant documents
  • Consistent dosage
  • Free shipping all over Canada
  • Value for money
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Information about flavoring agent not available

#3. CBDMagic Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 2nd Runner Up

THC gets a bad rap for being a cannabinoid responsible for the sensation of “feeling high”. Just like everything else, too much THC can prove to have devastating effects.

However, creating balance and adding THC in small doses can work better to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness, and other related causes of concern in dogs. In fact, the Full Spectrum CBD Oil from CBDMagic contains only 0.03% or less THC.

While this amount is almost undetectable, it works well with other cannabinoids to not only provide respite from mental stress and joint pains, but also to increase focus. And, if it doesn’t work for your pet, don’t hesitate to get your refund with the 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

What’s more, a discounted subscription price and free shipping all over Canada make it quite the steal!

A. Flavored Tincture

Humans and dogs alike are not accustomed to the natural smell or flavor of CBD oils. Although it may be fragrant, it’s unlike the food they are used to eating.

And, while CBDMagic is known for concocting products with aromatic peppermint to allure humans, bacon is their choice of flavor for those with paws. While peppermint spray has long been respected for its soothing and relaxing properties by us, who is to say it doesn’t work the same way between dogs and bacon?

Anyhow, the smell and taste of bacon will make sure that your pup is not only willing, but actually excited for that delicious dose of CBD oil. If you wanted a soothed and zen dog with this product, then the enthusiasm might seem counterproductive. But, this doesn’t last long – wait for the CBD oil itself to work its magic.

B. Third-party Lab-tested

No product should be considered a top-notch CBD oil unless it has been transferred over to a lab and evaluated by an unbiased third party.

With this product, rest assured, the makers have adhered to all safety protocols and abided by the safety regulations – the receipts for which can be accessed easily on the website. In addition to the Certificate of Analysis, the product page also provides a copy of its Pesticide Testing results.

C. Pure Organic Ingredients

Going local and organic is a healthy and sustainable exercise, and there is no doubt that the Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture has been formulated locally in Toronto. Moreover, it has all the pure goodness of organic ingredients such as CBD Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, and MCT oil.

While the cannabinoids work towards pain relief, MCT oil is a powerhouse ingredient that provides healthy fats and is a source of fuel and energy for your pet. All in all, kudos to the transparency with which the company operates. Especially in terms of the guileless honesty about the ingredients,

  • Flavorsome CBD oil for dogs
  • Organic ingredients
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Free shipping
  • Product only available in 30ml bottle

Buyers’ Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

The pet wellness space is full of miracle stories and raving reviews about all kinds of CBD oil brands. Even just a quick Google search for “Best CBD oil For dogs Canada” pumps out thousands of results – only a portion of which may be well-researched.

Needless to say, the saturated market only increases the importance of researching by yourself and deciding whether a product is right for you. To get you started, here are a few things to ponder over before you head to checkout!

Remember not to compromise on cost when it comes to CBD Oil. More often than not, these products are relatively expensive, whether for humans or dogs.

With that being said, always buy from trusted brands that exclusively manufacture CBD-related products. Also, stay away from the CBD oils sold by major e-commerce platforms that may be more well-known for selling kitchenware and appliances!

At the same time, paying more does not mean you cannot get value for money. Keep your eyes peeled for any subscription plans, special offers, and discounts for those in need.

2. Certificate Of Analysis

Let’s face it, no matter how transparent a website is about its manufacturing process, we are still getting a white-washed version of reality.

With this in mind, tread carefully when you are going through a company profile, and look for third-party lab tests with detailed records of ingredients and their concentration. The Certificate of Analysis is a commonly accepted document issued by Quality Assurance that tests product performance.

After this, the only important thing left to do is to check the authenticity of reports!

3. Correct Dosage

Despite what online calculators and armchair CBD experts say, no fixed measure is a one-size-fits-all. There are mainly two reasons for this – each body reacts differently to CBD oils, and each brand has a different concentration of CBD oil.

In such a case, the best thing to do is to start with a small dose. If it’s the first time, don’t be in a hurry to toy with the dosage. Monitor your dog for any side effects, and increase or decrease accordingly.

4. Ingredient List

It goes without saying that the best CBD oil for dogs should have organic ingredients that are preferably home-grown. Also, any brand worth investing in will have some sense of transparency about the ingredients in their products.

THC levels are also something that you should think about – anything more than 0.03% of THC concentration probably means that the CBD oil is not made of pure hemp. At the same time, absolutely no trace of THC may hamper the overall effectiveness of the product.

How does CBD oil help dogs?

Like all other mammals, dogs also have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that regulate appetite, sleep, pain response, mood, and so on. Many receptors spread throughout the body make up the ECS.

Through the interaction between these receptors and CBD oil, brain function is enhanced and joint pains are soothed. Interestingly, dogs are equipped with more receptors than humans, which makes them more susceptible to CBD and THC.

CBD Oil For Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can My Dog Overdose On CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from organic hemp, which reduces the chances of lethal overdosing to practically nil. However, administering too much CBD oil to a dog may cause symptoms such as drowsiness, coordination issues, hypersensitivity, or even diarrhea.

Suffice to say, the dosage required by dogs won’t be the same as that of their owners. As a precaution, start by giving small doses and monitor your pet’s reaction. In case of negative side-effects, soothe your pet with kind words and soft pats. Consult a vet if the symptoms persist.

2. Is THC In CBD Oil Toxic For Dogs?

Some brands of CBD oil leave out THC from their formula – and for good reason. THC is a psychoactive compound that may cause paranoia and confusion in dogs. However, dogs can tolerate and may even be soothed by very low amounts of THC. Ideally, the THC concentration should be lesser than or equal to 0.3%.

Final Thoughts:

CBD oil is in vogue now, but it isn’t a new phenomenon. This wonder product has been keeping anxiety and chronic pains at bay for decades. The only difference? All these wonderful findings are now being adapted for dogs and pet care.

Needless to say, if you trust it, then your dog might too. Perhaps the only way to really make sure is to buy our top pick – CBDNorth’s CBD Oil for Dogs – and keep it for a rainy day, literally!

If your dog hates thunder and lightning, then adding a few drops of this formula to a pet treat will have them sleeping in peace through the storm. Peace out!

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Best CBD Oil For Dogs Canada

It is a natural drug that can treat many problems in dogs, including seizures, pain, and anxiety. In addition, it provides holistic wellness and improves their quality of life without producing toxic side effects. Hence, numerous pet owners are turning towards CBD to give some respite to their furry companions.

The trouble is, the market is flooded with several options, and most people writing reviews on the internet have no prior experience with the products themselves. So, how does one know which brand to trust?

That’s when we come into the picture; our reviews have been compiled by experts after proper scrutinization and a careful understanding of what dogs need.

But, before we get started with our guide on the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada, we suggest you to learn about the benefits CBD oil offers for you dog on

CBD For Dogs: How We Made This List?

Canines have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans, but CBD works for the two in completely different ways. CBD oil meant for dogs differs in potency and has unique properties.

Given the tremendous popularity of CBD, many brands have made their way into the market. So, sorting through them was quite a challenge but one we were willing to take on.

We began by asking people who have administered CBD to their pets about their genuine experience and unbiased reviews. Besides, we trudged through different consumer forums to make a list of the most commonly used brands.

We analyzed each of these brands in the next step – the ingredients, third-party lab test reports, side effects, and we asked veterinarians and CBD journalists to chime in with their opinions. We eliminated options if they failed to meet our quality standards, and after sifting through most of the brands, our list came down to the top three products.

While eliminating brands on our list, these were the factors we considered:

■ Easy availability of third-party lab test reports

■ Opinions of vets and CBD experts

■ Market reputation of the brand

■ Unbiased opinions of customers and prominent influencers

■ Ingredients used in production

■ Efficacy of the product and clear dosage instructions

Some of our researchers who had dogs with ailments such as anxiety tried the CBD oil from our top picks. And the results were astoundingly impressive.

Top 3 Best CBD Oil For Dogs Canada Wide [Full Reviews]

#1. CBDNorth’s THC-Free CBD Oil For Dogs : Top Rated & High Quality CBD For Dogs

While looking for CBD oil in Canada , CBDNorth is one brand whose name will inadvertently pop up. The primary aim of this brand is to provide a wide range of CBD products, from creams, oils, to gummies to its customers at competitive prices.

The plant-based ingredients used in the manufacturing process are sourced from local Canadian farms and are processed under strict FDA standards. Besides, it abides by ethical manufacturing practices and does not include any artificial additives or preservatives in its products.

Staying true to its aim of providing universal access, the brand offers free shipping on all orders above $99 and offers exciting discounts on its website for Canadian citizens.

Furthermore, all its products have undergone third-party lab testing, and the results are available on its website for easy access. Thus, the brand is quite transparent with its health claims, and your pets are getting nothing but the best. This is a welcome relief for people who are skeptical about trying CBD for their pets.


CBDNorth’s CBD oil for dogs is our top choice because of the following reasons:

All-Natural Ingredients

The brand makes use of organic, premium hemp extract for the production of this oil. Besides, it contains pure MCT oil and wild Alaskan salmon oil. It steers away from using any chemicals or unnatural additives like phosphates that some brands use and that have been linked to diseases such as tumors and cancer.

The addition of MCT oil ensures that your dog can better absorb the oil.

If you have pets – whether cats or dogs – you don’t need us to tell you how fussy they can be regarding food.

To help overcome that problem, this CBD oil from CBDNorth has a rich salmon taste that makes it delicious and easy to administer. It provides all the benefits of wild Alaskan salmon oil and contains omega-3 fats, excellent for heart and joint health.

This oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a handy dropper. It has one standard concentration of 500mg. It is important to remember that dogs and cats require CBD in lower doses than humans. So, always start from a lower amount and then increase it only if it doesn’t suffice.

As a rule of thumb, pets need anywhere between 1-5mg per 10lbs for anxiety and mild pain. However, for severe pain, you can administer up to 8mg per 10lbs.

It is always advisable to contact a veterinarian who’ll be able to guide you better and prescribe a suitable dose depending on your pet’s age, weight, and severity of the issue.

Health Benefits

Another aspect that makes this product our top pick is its multiple health benefits. For starters, it doesn’t have any THC, which is harmful to pets.

In addition, the plant-based ingredients work to relieve anxiety, mild to severe pain, inflammation, and conditions such as arthritis and joint aches. Besides, it also promotes calmness and induces sleep.


■ Can work for both dogs and cats

■ All-natural, locally sourced ingredients

■ Dropper allows easy administration

■ Safe and non-toxic

■ Multiple health benefits

■ Free shipping on all orders above $99

■ Rich salmon taste


■ No subscription packages available

CBD2HEAL is an Ontario-based brand that offers a range of luxury CBD products and comes with 40 years of experience in business, medicine, and marketing operations. This brand has experts and chemists on board who carefully scrutinize the ingredients and bring their expertise to the task of manufacturing top-quality CBD oils for dogs.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that customers cannot stop raving about this product and how effectively it treats their dogs.

All of its products, including CBD oil, are made from GMO-free, industrial-grade hemp stalks and comply with GMP Canada standards. So, you are treating your pet with the most viable of products. For further reassurance, you can check the third-party lab test reports on the brand’s website.

Apart from CBD oil, they offer topicals, capsules, and salves. What is particularly impressive is that all the products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can return them for a full refund if they cannot produce the desired results. Besides, the company offers quick and free shipping.


Multiple Strengths

CBD2HEAL offers its CBD oil in three different variants – 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg. The 150mg and 250mg variants can effectively treat mild-to-moderate cases of anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

However, the 500mg dose is recommended for medium-sized dogs or those suffering from acute pain. Experts recommend starting with a lower amount since pets do not require CBD in the same potency that humans do. If your canine suffers from severe pain and other health conditions, it is always best to consult with a vet.

Pets can be skittish, and there’s no simple way of administering a drug they don’t like, especially if they are not accustomed to ingesting something via a dropper. So, to make things easier for you, the tincture from CBD2HEAL is bacon-flavored.

Thus, it suppresses the earthy taste of pure CBD and ensures your pet gets a delicious alternative every day.

Organic Ingredients

This brand uses 99% pure isolate CBD, organic MCT oil, and natural bacon flavoring.

In addition, it doesn’t contain any THC, so the chances of it producing a “high” are negated. The presence of all-natural ingredients that are locally derived ensures that the oil has no toxic effects.

You can know more about the ingredients and their concentration by going through the third-party lab test reports and Certificate Of Analysis (COA) available on the brand’s website.

CBD2HEAL has a highly convenient and buyer-friendly shipping policy in place. It delivers all over Canada, and that too for free! In addition, it also offers affordable subscription plans where you can save up to 20%.

So, every time you run out of products, you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-ordering them. The brand automatically ships your product on time.

Range Of Benefits

Apart from pain relief, CBD tinctures for dogs help alleviate anxiety symptoms, promoting sound sleep and overall wellness. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and supports cardiovascular health.


■ Excellent healing properties

■ Use of pure isolate CBD

■ Discounted subscription packages

■ Multiple potencies available

■ All-natural, locally sourced ingredients

■ Third-party lab-tested reports


Only one flavor available

CBD Magic’s full-spectrum CBD oil comes in one flavor and potency, but they have mastered the formula. The brand is one of the most reliable producers of pet-friendly CBD oil and has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality CBD products. We’ll tell you all about the unique characteristics of its CBD tincture, but before delving into that, here’s a quick brand overview.

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Besides CBD tincture for dogs, this brand manufactures various products such as creams and water-soluble potions using innovative and latest techniques. It abstains from using any artificial flavors or unnatural additives that can produce harmful side effects.

With a field experience that spans over 50 years, CBD Magic has made a name for itself as a trustworthy and safe brand. You can easily order the products from the brand’s website and get exciting discounts if you opt for the monthly subscription plan. What’s more, the brand delivers to every nook and corner of Canada, and you get free shipping on all orders!


The CBD oil from CBD Magic is formulated using full-spectrum organic hemp, pure MCT oil, and hemp seed oil. Since it is a full-spectrum oil, it contains other cannabinoids apart from CBD. Unlike our previous recommendations, this oil contains 0.3% THC, but there’s nothing to worry about as it has been carefully distilled.

Health Benefits

The full-spectrum variant contains amino acids, vitamins, and cannabis terpenes that enhance this oil’s overall benefits and produces the “Entourage Effect.” This maximizes the efficacy of the oil and has a range of health benefits.

Thus, this CBD oil can efficiently heal your four-legged companions from different problems such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, and induce sleep.

CBD Magic has an easy shipping policy, and you don’t have to pay an extra amount to get the products shipped to your location. The brand delivers to any Canadian town and usually ships within 1 to 5 days. However, if you’re living in a rural area, the product may take over a week to get to you.

Money-Back Guarantee

CBD Magic takes great pride in the efficacy of its products and has complete confidence in its ability to heal pain and alleviate anxiety in dogs. In the unlikely event that the CBD tincture cannot produce the desired results, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

However, the catch here is that you have to bear the shipping costs.

Lab-Tested Products

You can’t trust any random brand for your pets – and CBD Magic understands that. Therefore, like all its other products, CBD oil for dogs has undergone third-party lab testing. You can easily access the Certificate Of Analysis and pesticide testing reports on its website for further clarity.

Customer-Friendly Team

CBD Magic boasts a multitude of positive customer reviews, even on third-party websites. Besides their excellent and reliable products, we can credit their fantastic customer-care team for this.

In case of any queries, you can get in touch with them on the number provided on the website, and they will guide you with the correct dose, return policy, and product details.


■ Affordable subscription packs

■ Uses full-spectrum CBD

■ Quick and efficient customer service

■ 30-day money-back guarantee

■ Third-party lab-tested products


■ Not available in multiple strengths

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing CBD Oil For Pets

CBD was legalized for recreational use in 2018, and ever since, a number of brands have made their way into the market and offer CBD oil and other related products.

However, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind while looking for CBD oil for dogs Canada. For starters, the company you choose should have your pet’s best interests in mind and formulate their pet-care range with dedication and ethicality. And, they should ensure that all their products are safe for consumption through third-party lab testing.

In the following section, we will look at the things you need to pay special heed to while you are looking for a suitable CBD tincture for your canine.

1. Source Of Hemp

The foremost consideration while purchasing CBD products should be the source from which the brand derives its ingredients, especially hemp.

As you might already know, the source of hemp can make or break a CBD product. Good-quality hemp can produce the desired results with no side effects.

Typically, you should opt for brands that use locally sourced hemp since Canadian manufacturing standards are pretty stringent and follow several regulatory restrictions.

2. Ingredients

Apart from organic hemp extracts, there are multiple other ingredients used in the manufacture of CBD oil.

Full-spectrum oil contains terpenes, CBG, and THC, among other ingredients which work in conjunction to produce what we know as the “Entourage Effect,” which improves your CBD experience. The CBD tincture also contains MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and natural flavoring.

Carefully go through the list of ingredients and always choose a product that uses lab-tested and organic products.

3. Third-Party Lab Test Reports

Lab test reports are one of the best ways to determine the authenticity of a product. A reputed brand will ensure all their products undergo testing from a third-party laboratory. We insist on test reports from third-party sources because they don’t have any stake in the company and will provide unbiased information.

Usually, brands whose products have passed the testing will display the results on their website, besides the Certificate Of Analysis and pesticide testing reports. Carefully inspecting the reports is of utmost importance to ensure that you are not giving your dog anything they are allergic to or that might adversely impact their health.

4. Health Benefits

■ CBD helps treat many issues your pup might suffer from . These include:

■ Anxiety and stress

■ Arthritis and joint pain

■ Nausea and and lack of appetite in aging dogs

Although some researchers have claimed that CBD can also effectively treat epileptic seizures in dogs, there is no confirmed data for the same.

5. Potency

Dogs do not need CBD in the same potency as humans. So, you have to be careful about their dosage requirements.

Usually, most brands offer their CBD tincture in a 30ml bottle with a handy dropper for easy administering. Although top brands offer well-researched dosage charts on their website, we highly recommend consulting with a veterinarian first and assessing the requirements of your pet based on their weight, severity of the condition, and age.

CBD For Dogs: How Does CBD Oil Help Dogs?

As we have mentioned earlier, dogs have an endocannabinoid system quite similar to humans. The introduction of CBD in the system helps send signals to the receptors in the brain and thus treat a host of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. The oil contains anxiolytics which have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

In addition, it boosts metabolism, helps aid digestion, promotes sound sleep, and improves overall well-being.

Unlike prescription medications, it produces little to no side effects, and the presence of organic ingredients makes it 100% safe for consumption. Experts recommend regular usage and high doses of CBD only for dogs who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. But, most dog owners prefer to use it occasionally only.

Usually, orally administered CBD oil takes 30 to 45 minutes to work.

FAQs About CBD Oil For Dogs

1. What Is The Right CBD Dose For My Dog?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to CBD for dogs. However, most experts and long-time users recommend starting from a small dose. You can administer 1 to 2mg per 10lbs for beginners.

2. Is THC Harmful For My Dog?

THC is said to produce toxic side effects on dogs. But, the good news is, most CBD products are legally bound to use less than 0.3% of THC. An amount this insignificant has absolutely no side effects and can be safely consumed.

You can look up the Certificate Of Analysis and lab-test reports for further reassurance in this regard.

3. Does CBD Help Treat Cancer In Dogs?

Hemp seed oil and CBD have been shown to kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of tumors. Several studies have been conducted on this topic, and although there’s no concrete evidence, it does help improve your dog’s overall well-being and ensure good cardiovascular health.

4. What Are The Possible Side Effects Of CBD?

Some common side effects your dog might experience include dry mouth, drowsiness, and an upset stomach. These are completely normal and subside after a while.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Canadian CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD is a boon for humans and their four-legged friends. It is practical, safe, and made of all-natural ingredients, and is easy to consume.

After careful analysis and research, we think CBDNorth’s THC-Free CBD Oil is an excellent pick if you are looking for an all-organic product with natural salmon flavoring. Trailing close behind is the CBD isolate oil from CBD2HEAL that comes in multiple strengths and has a range of health benefits.

Not to forget the CBD tincture from CBDMagic that has full-spectrum CBD and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose from our illustrious list of top-grade brands offering CBD Oil For Dogs Canada, and you won’t have to worry about safety or efficacy at all!

That’s all for today. Do let us know your final pick in the comments below!