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Bulk cbd crude oil for sale

Full-Spectrum Alcohol-Extracted CBD Crude Oil

Hemp Depot Full Spectrum CBD Crude Oil provides a cost-effective crude oil extracted with organic alcohol. Organic alcohol has been shown to be one of the most effective cannabinoid solvents that can produce an efficient extraction, while retaining high terpene content, and is also safe for consumption in its raw solvent form. Note that this extraction method generally leaves behind the plant waxes, which may have benefits that are favored by some product manufacturers. The alcohol is also a polar solvent vs. the non-polar nature of the hydrocarbons and CO2 and as such can also extract less desirable materials from the material, such as chlorophyll. We extract at temperatures below -30 degrees Celcius to avoid this, but the nature of the solvent at a molecular level is different and should be recognized.

Hemp Depot CBD Full Spectrum Crude Oil (Alcohol-Extracted)

Product Characteristics: Dark brown-colored oil with high terpene content, plant waxes, and prominent earthy, hemp taste.

Active Compounds: Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC). Minor cannabinoid content will vary minimally from batch to batch. Please refer to the batch COA for the complete cannabinoid profile.

Extraction and Refinement Process: Organic alcohol extraction and decarboxylated.

Shelf Life: One year. Our Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil should be stored in a cool, dark place. May be stored in a refrigerator if the container is tightly sealed for longer shelf life. The freezer is not recommended.

Origin: Grown on our Colorado non-GMO hemp farms raised with strict organic farming practices and extracted in-house in our cGMP-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility.

Testing: Every batch is independent, third-party lab tested to ensure proper cannabinoid profile, no pesticide exposure, no heavy metals, no toxic solvent residue, and no mold or mildew contamination. All bulk and wholesale orders come with corresponding COAs that businesses can use to support the purity and efficacy of their products.

Packaging: Available in low 100 gram increments and kilogram increments, our bulk CBD oils are packaged in food-grade containers. For large-scale orders, food-grade 55-gallon drums are available.

Allergy Information: Allergy-friendly formulation. Please note that full-spectrum products have the potential to trigger a reaction in individuals that are prone to plant allergies due to the whole plant material found in this crude oil. While uncommon, we recommend having a disclaimer on your website or product.

Certifications: Certified cruelty-free, vegan, and Kosher.

What Is Alcohol-Extracted Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil?

Full-spectrum CBD crude oil is considered a true hemp oil since it contains all of its original naturally occurring compounds. Full-spectrum CBD crude oil is high in CBD but also includes all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phytochemical compounds, natural minerals, and other bioactive compounds. Crude oil is the closest option available in terms of mimicking the whole plant material of hemp. Crude oil must be further refined in order to create distillate. Our alcohol-extracted Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil offers a more cost-effective option than supercritical CO2-extracted crude oil. It also includes naturally-occurring plant waxes which is favored for certain product formulations.

Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil Benefits

Full-spectrum crude hemp oil is often celebrated for its ability to closely mimic the original chemical makeup of the hemp plant. Crude oil can be used as-is or formulated into a wide variety of CBD products. This organic alcohol-extracted oil includes plant waxes which may be beneficial for certain formulations.

What Product Formulations Are Possible With Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil?

It is important to consider the taste and appearance of crude oil when formulating CBD products. Our Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil can be formulated into a number of product applications including ingestibles, topicals, suppositories, and more.

Formulation Guidance for Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil

Crude oil has a smoke point of 332 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not exceed this temperature in the formulation process in order to maintain cannabinoid potency and quality.

Full-Spectrum CBD Crude Oil Customizations Available

If you’d like to add additional terpenes or cannabinoid content, please contact us to customize your order!

Wholesale Bulk CBD & Custom Formulation Services

Based in Seattle, Washington, LAURELCREST is a Global CBD solutions provider. We offer access to consistent quality bulk cannabinoid ingredients. Our extraction facility and lab located in Oregon produces a range of Oregon grown and extracted oils. We make several premiere flagship oils that are always available through our website. We provide full panel third party testing on each product and trackable chain of custody.

Still looking for your perfect match? Our lab can provide custom cannabinoid formulations to meet your brand needs. Our sales team and experienced lab scientists can help you decide what ingredient is best for you.

Private Label CBD Solutions

We offer a range of finished products, innovative ingredient solutions, and advanced delivery systems. Our private label program is a seamless supply chain of CBD products manufactured in world class facilities across the US.

LAURELCREST also offers a global footprint through its partnership with Pharma Hemp, one of the most important hemp businesses in Europe. Our experienced team can help develop your CBD brand from concept to final product.

Private Label

We offer a range of superior finished products, innovative ingredient solutions and competitive pricing. Our private label program is a seamless supply chain of CBD products manufactured in world class facilities across the US.

LAURELCREST also offers a global footprint through its partnership with Pharma Hemp, one of the most important hemp businesses in Europe. As extractors, manufacturers, and distributors with over 50 years collective experience in the CBD industry, our team can help develop your CBD brand from concept to final product.

Family Owned & Operated

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business that is invested in every step of the process. We are committed to providing the growing marketplace with consistent supply and personal service. We look forward to learning about your CBD goals, providing competitive pricing, product traceability and most importantly, ensuring each client receives consistently high quality CBD.