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Botany Farms is a CBD company working with independent growers to produce a rotating selection of strains and consumption methods. All of the benefits of cannabis packed into a tasty treat for on-the-go relief!These aren’t the normal CBD gummies that are far from enjoyable and leave a nasty taste in your mouth by the time you finally get them down. On the contrary, these li…

Botany Farms Review

A black, female-owned business based in Minnesota, Botany Farms is a boutique cannabis company specializing in CBD, CBG, Delta-8 and Delta-10 products. Selling flower, pre-rolls, gummies and vape cartridges, Botany Farms offers the consumer a wide selection of consumption methods.

The company works with independent farmers, giving them a rotating selection of strains to assure their customers never grow bored with the options. As of now, Botany Farms offers over 15 different strains.

Produced in small batches, attention to detail seems to be a cornerstone of Botany Farms. Their flower is hang-dried and hand-trimmed to give you a product more personal than mass-production could ever replicate. “Sweating the daintiest details is how we bring you a better smoke,” the website of Botany Farms proudly claims. And, after getting my hands, mostly lungs, on the diverse lineup of products these CBD experts craft, I can say Botany Farms has every right to be proud.

Botany Farms CBD and Delta-8 THC edibles and flower. Photo: Dan LaMorte/Oracle

Being a small batch, boutique-type company, expect the prices of Botany Farms to be on the higher end. However, don’t let that be a roadblock in your decision to experiment with this brand. Their dedication to detail delivered time and time again, each product tested provided noticeable benefits to my day.

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I felt myself being lifted from the stress of everyday life and placed into the clouds of comfort, moving about my day with a little more clarity and a lot less agitation. Not to mention, the flavors this company boasts are some of the tastiest I’ve ever had while gnawing on gummies of the cannabis variation.

For this review we’ll be taking a look at two of Botany Farm’s edibles; their 25mg CBD Jamberry chews and the 30mg Delta-8 gummies. We’ll also be reviewing two of their pre-rolls, The White and Pineapple Haze, as well as their Delta-8 Sour Special Sauce vape cartridge and an eighth of their Sour Space Candy CBD small-batch flower.

Some companies master packaging before product, others have a solid product before attractive packaging, Botany Farms excels at both. Glass jars are used to house the gummies and flower, plastic tubes hold the joints while a cardboard cylinder encases the Delta-8 vape cartridge. Inviting colors and artwork accompany all, the design itself gives off the feeling that a premium product is about to be consumed. Upon consumption the flavors of Botany Farms stand out in similar fashion to their design. The Jamberry CBD gummy is, by a longshot, the best tasting edible I’ve ever had, CBD or THC. The small batch flower and pre-rolls join the gummies in delivering a flavor that’s not only easy to stomach, but actually quite enjoyable. Though I’m new to smoking CBD flower, the Pineapple Haze pre-roll is the best I’ve had so far. As a longtime cannabis smoker it’s easy to worry when consuming CBD products, you often think your tolerance will prevent any real feelings of euphoria and relaxation. My tolerance must’ve decided to sit this review out because each product tested seemed to deliver tangible effects. This was my first experience with Delta-8 products, it sounds like a special forces military operation and functions like one, with the target being your anxiety. Like Seal Team 6 it works quickly, quietly and effectively. My anxiety, like Bin Laden, gone with the wind. Each product is easy to use, all you need to do is chew, vape or smoke. If you’re looking to get into CBD or experiment with Delta-8, look no further than Botany Farms.

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Botany Farms CBD Gummies 300mg

All of the benefits of cannabis packed into a tasty treat for on-the-go relief! These aren’t the normal CBD gummies that are far from enjoyable and leave a nasty taste in your mouth by the time you finally get them down. On the contrary, these little fruit chews are packed with natural fruit flavor and 25mg of CBD per gummy. They taste amazing while providing the relief that you are looking for. Our CBD gummies are packed with premium broad spectrum hemp oil to give you all of the benefits of the cannabis flower, without the high. Available in 8 individual flavors our CBD gummies are the perfect option for anybody that is looking to relax and unwind without losing focus. 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup! Total Cannabinoids: 300 mg CBD per Gummy: 25 mg THC: