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Best cbd oil for suorin drop

Using THC oil on a Suorin Air

So I just recently purchased the vape and I’m loving it. So far it feels like an xtremely high quality vape, a steal for the $40 I payed for an extra pod, the vape and some juice. I have 2 generic pen cartridges with some form of THC concentrate and want to use them on the Sourin. Would love to hear if anyone has done this or get any advice. I’ve got 56% nicotine juice that I can mix with the oil. How do you guys recommend I go about mixing it or wether or not it’s a good idea. I’d just rather have an all-in-one vape instead of carrying two.

Mixing the two together sounds like a recipe for a massive fucking disaster. As fucking awesome as that sounds, I’m fairly certain that would destroy your pod or your battery. The pods are delicate as it is, and mixing in something that isn’t the juice that suorin intended its device to use just seems like something that wouldn’t work. Also, I understand how you want an all in one device, but (considering it hypothetically works) wouldn’t you be getting stoned every time you want a buzz? I use my device throughout the day and I feel like if I got stoned every time I took a break to get buzzed, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. I’d just suggest getting a different vape for those fresh thc pods my friend. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Distillate carts are hard to find around my town, I’d kill for one. Good luck friend! 🙂

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Best cbd oil for suorin drop

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