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Baileys cbd oil for dogs

Baileys cbd oil for dogs


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Bailey’s CBD Reviews

I have tried a lot of different CBD products for my pets and by far, Bailey’s CBD is the best. Their products are top quality and really seem to help my pets relax. I’m a big fan!

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Loved it!

My Great Dane, Indi (@positively_indi), absolutely loves Bailey’s CBD! I just add it to her breakfast and she doesn’t even know it’s there! I highly recommend this product to any pawrent!

Our 11 yr old doodle feels so much…

Our 11 yr old doodle feels so much better with his chews. We will continue to use them.

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Very good customer service and helped…

Very good customer service and helped me with all my questions

This is the second dose of your CBD…

This is the second dose of your CBD that I am giving my pup he did so well with the first one I I’m going to keep coming back I was days away from having him put down because of suffering but ever since I started using your product he’s he’s like a new dog he runs he plays he enjoys life again thank you guys I appreciate it so does Ruger


Excellent service. Excellent product. And a very happy chocolate lab named Duke.

Always awesome delivery and products!!

Always awesome delivery and products. Mr. FancyPants loves his Baileys treats. He is just starting on the hip/joint chewys, so we’ll see if it makes some improvement. I’m pretty sure it will.

This product works!!

This product works. I saw the difference on my english bulldog from the first day I gave it to him
He was calm and not hyper and slept through the night.. I recommend this products 100%
Thanks guys

Love you guys.

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The calming chew did not work on my dog…

The calming chew did not work on my dog that has anxiety and hates to be left alone, I tried these thinking they would help, but didn’t. I don’t know maybe I was told the wrong ones was disappointed

my favorite cbd for my dog!

Our senior dog Lexi would not be here…

Our senior dog Lexi would not be here without your CBD. She finishes her walks everyday now.

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Great company

Great company, owners, products, and employees

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Well so far the stuff I bought him…

Well so far the stuff I bought him seems to be working he doesn’t seem like he’s in so much pain anyways and that’s all that matters to me I would recommend this stuff for any dog that’s uncomfortable due to pain

Great experience!

Great purchasing experience and very efficient

Dogs like the flavor

Read promising study for CBG & nerve damage in dogs. Time will tell if it helps.

Reply from Bailey’s CBD

Updated May 2, 2022

Hi, We are terribly sorry about your delay. After your first email we discovered that there was an issue with the post office and we sent out another order that is currently in your mailbox according to the tracking number. We do not control the usps (I wish we did). We apologize for the wait. Your order is currently in your mailbox.

Best product I’ve ever used

Best product I’ve ever used , completely restored my dogs quality of life. Amazing company as well. They truly care about or animals. Love them.


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Eagerly anticipating

I’m excited to try your product as soon as it comes in the mail. My new cat came from a very stressful environment and he pulls out his fur and other things that are signed of stress so I’m really hoping that this makes a difference because I’ve tried everything.

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Great product!

I give my fur baby Omega Hemp CBD soft chews. It really helps her to stay calm in the Car.
Overall I’m happy with the product plus it helps promote Longevity.

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About Bailey’s CBD

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Bailey’s is a pet focused hemp derived CBD company dedicated to our 9 year old pug. Partnered with respected veterinarian Dr. Robert J. Silver, our goal is to help as many pets as possible live healthy, age gracefully & feel complete. To support this goal, we partner with a new pet rescue every month to donate product & help raise awareness.

4 Items Purchased = 1 Bottle Donated. Always & forever, no matter what. Every time you give your pet Bailey’s CBD, you know you’ve also helped a less fortunate rescue pet do the same.

Bailey’s’ #1 priority is your pet’s happiness. We stand by our products 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will replace or refund your order. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.